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Sisense Named an General Chief in Buyer Expertise and a Belief Chief in Vendor Credibility in Dresner Enterprise Intelligence Market Research

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Sisense, the leading AI-powered platform for analytics adoption everywhere, today announced that it is once again an overall leader in Dresner Advisory Services, LLC’s Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence (BI) Market Study 2021. The comprehensive annual study, which aims to identify key BI trends and illustrate how they are being reported

Model Revitalization And Altering Buyer Wants

Brand revitalization and changing customer needs

Revitalizing the brand requires finding and satisfying a new, important customer need. Brand success requires the best in something relevant and differentiated. It means never taking your eyes off changing customer needs. With veganism and vegetarianism diets becoming more and more embedded in people’s lifestyles, anything plant based is now perceived as good. Plant-based foods

Buyer Habits – Why Individuals Actually Do What They Do: ‘Primal Mind’ Creator Tim Ash on Advertising Smarts [Podcast] : Advertising Podcast

Customer Behavior - Why People Really Do What They Do: 'Primal Brain' Author Tim Ash on Marketing Smarts [Podcast] : Marketing Podcast

Our job as marketers is to help people make decisions. Before we can hope to influence people’s decisions, however, we need to understand how their brains really work – how people are neurologically wired. Enter Tim Ash, author of Unleash Your Primal Brain: Demystifying How We Think and Why We Act. Tim is an expert

How One Digital Advertising and marketing Firm Is Altering The Buyer Loyalty Recreation

Online sales.  Working women in their business.

Online sales. Working women in their business. You take new orders online and pack goods … [+] for customers. getty The way companies connect with their customers and respond to their preferences is paramount in today’s digital world. For years, businesses of all sizes have relied on third-party social media platforms, cookies, and databases to

Why True Buyer Motivations Are Usually Missed

Why there is often a lack of real customer motivation

In 1997, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen published his first seminal paper, The Innovator’s Dilemma, which set out what he called “Disruptive Innovation”. It took a few years for the book to catch on, but eventually its well-founded, well-documented, and counterintuitive approach found deep resonance with innovators around the world. Then something strange happened.

Tata Consultancy Providers ranks #1 in Buyer Satisfaction throughout Europe

Tejas Networks bags multi-year contract from Asia Consultancy Group

Tata Consultancy Services was ranked number one for customer satisfaction across Europe by Whitelane Research in an independent survey of CxOs from leading IT spending organizations. In Whitelane Research’s 2020/2021 IT Procurement Study, 30 IT service providers were rated based on responses from nearly 1,700 CxOs and high-level decision-makers. Over 4,050 unique IT sourcing relationships

Enterprise leaders cite cybersecurity, operational effectivity and buyer expertise as this yr’s high priorities

ATLANTA, January 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Eighty-three percent of senior executives at companies with $ 1 billion in revenue in various industries rank cybersecurity as their top priority this year, closely followed by operational efficiency (80%) and customer experience (79%) North Highland 2021 Beacon Report. However, executives do not feel “very prepared” to