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Heineken and Glass Futures collaborate on low carbon glass improvements

Heineken and Glass Futures collaborate on innovations for low carbon glass

Heineken and Glass Futures seeks to develop sustainable low carbon glass bottles by developing technology and improving processes in manufacturing and supply chain Heineken works continuously to reduce the ecological footprint of its products. While the company becomes active in its own production, Heineken takes on the challenge of decarbonising its value chain. The company

CloseTheGap, UpShift Sports activities collaborate for export enterprise growth | Enterprise

CloseTheGap, UpShift Sports collaborate for export business development | Business

Mathijs Wagenaar and Phillip Lucas have announced their collaboration in developing the export business for the CloseTheGap brand through Lucas’ consultancy UpShift Sports. Phillip LucasAfter seven years as publisher of Fiets, Wagenaar founded CloseTheGap with HideMyBell in 2015. With five years of local manufacturing and product refinement experience, the brand now offers additional functional and