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MBO at Cheshire planning consultancy

MBO in planning consultancy in Cheshire

A planning consultancy headquartered in Cheshire went through a management buyout when it entered a “new chapter”. Established in 1985, Emery Planning Partnership now has 19 consultants providing national urban planning services for applications, appeals, assessments, development funding and environmental impact assessment (EIA) project management. The board began the process in 2016 and is now

North West Enterprise Briefs: Genedrive; Camlee Group; United Utilities; Edge Hill College; Cheshire Faculty S&W; AMBS

North West Business Briefs: Genedrive; Camlee Group; United Utilities; Edge Hill University; Cheshire College S&W; AMBS

Genedrive, the Manchester-based molecular testing company, has signed a distribution agreement with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences for its COVID-19 test kit.This allows the Indianapolis, US-based company to sell and distribute the high-throughput COVID-19 PCR kit in the US and Europe.Beckman Coulter estimates that this new solution can process around 1,000 PCR samples per workstation in