Taco Bell rings in 2020 with daring new commitments

Taco Bell ushers in 2020 with bold new commitments

Taco Bell introduces global sustainable packaging commitments and US employee programs

Taco Bell It has been no different since the first restaurant opened in 1962 and 2020. Among the most important new commitments is that the brand will make all packaging recyclable, compostable or reusable for consumers worldwide by 2025. Taco Bell will offer paid company downtime to all company employees, plans to test a $ 100,000 salary for company restaurant managers in select markets, and continues to advocate simple and accessible vegetarian options around the world.

“It's no secret that Taco Bell is marching to the beat of its own drum, and we offer our fans unexpected experiences year after year. Of the Doritos Locos Taco to the Taco Bell HotelWe want to continue to be leaders in the creativity of our menus, in our restaurants and beyond, ”said Mark King, CEO of Taco Bell.

“As Taco Bell expands its presence, our responsibility to achieve positive effects grows. Our business growth over the past decade has enabled us to bring about change for the good and to implement creative solutions for our planet, our people and our food. We look forward to turning things upside down and doing even more in 2020 about what matters: our purpose. "

These new commitments have continued the trend of purposeful innovation at Taco Bell over the past decade, from one of the first fast food chains to publish complete nutritional information online and serve cage-free eggs that have been certified by American Humane to support the Restaurant teams include members with educational benefits and the opportunity to receive Live Mas grants from the Taco Bell Foundation.

Taco Bell recently committed to simpler, higher quality ingredients and more U.S. jobs and has worked throughout 2019 to reduce the beef antibiotics important to human health and bring a national vegetarian menu to the market. The brand is also innovative in recruitment initiatives with its Hiring Parties campaign, which resulted in a 66 percent increase in recruitment for participating restaurants.

In 2020, this dynamic will continue in the coming year with even more innovative and effective commitments for purposeful efforts.

This year, Taco Bell is committed to making all packaging recyclable, compostable or reusable for consumers. By 2025, the brand plans to make all packaging for consumers recyclable, compostable or reusable in Taco Bell restaurants around the world. Recycling and / or compost bins are added in all restaurants where the infrastructure allows, and PFAS, phthalates and BPA are removed from all packaging materials that are consumer friendly.

It also strives to continue investing in its people and building leaders at all levels. Whether employees want to grow to run a $ 2 million company and lead a team of 30, or want to be the best team member, Taco Bell has something for everyone.

Later this year, the brand will test an annual salary of $ 100,000 for restaurant managers of corporate restaurants at select locations. For those who may not want to take a leadership role, the brand introduces "Makers", a program for restaurant team members who want to increase their passion for the brand and want leadership experience.

From January 1, 2020, all company employees in the United States may also be entitled to at least 24 hours of paid sick leave per calendar year. Through these initiatives, Taco Bell aims to improve restaurant performance and employee satisfaction, and to help recruit and retain employees.

Their commitment also includes increasing the support of fans and team members in relation to their training so that they can pursue their passions. The Taco Bell Foundation will award Live Más grants of $ 6 million in 2020 to help fans and team members achieve their unique passions.

This year's awards will bring the Taco Bell Foundation a total of $ 17 million in fellowships since it was launched five years ago. This is well planned to meet its original pledge of $ 21 million by 2021. Minute video about her passion before January 23, 2020.

It will also strive to be the number one vegetarian QSR. Taco Bell has always been a paradise for vegetarians. After last year's special vegetarian menu with items certified by the American Vegetarian Association and launched nationally with new favorites like the Black Bean Crunchwrap, Taco Bell vows to continue making the most vegetarian choices and choices find making ordering even easier in the app, in the restaurant or through the driveway.