Stridec Advocates Search engine optimisation to be on the Coronary heart of the Fashionable Enterprise’ On-line Advertising Technique | Taiwan Information

Stridec Advocates SEO to be at the Heart of the Modern Business’ Online Marketing Strategy | Taiwan News

With recent privacy trends and rising advertising costs, businesses need to reevaluate how they can be found by their customers without increasing marketing spend.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – Sep 24, 2021 – Stridec Worldwide (“Stridec”), a Singapore-based SEO agency recently named one of the Top Singapore SEO Firms in Singapore by Clutch for 2021, is advocating business for one SEO-centric approach to advance their digital marketing strategies in order to build and maintain their digital presence on the internet, given the recent developments announced by technology giants like Apple and Google regarding the privacy of online users.

With the introduction of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework and Google’s move to remove third-party cookies from its Chrome browser, the impact and impact on advertisers worldwide who choose their audience targeting and marketing campaigns can be reduced Having religiously relied on such technologies, don’t be excessive.

User privacy and tracking of people’s online activities is a sensitive issue that has been hotly debated for years. In recent years, consumer audiences have become louder on this issue, and with increasing government regulations governing tech companies’ handling of such data, it is inevitable that technology leaders take steps to appease their massive user base while strengthening their market position .

Such developments, for better or worse, have created a number of other challenges for businesses – especially the smaller players – to master as they navigate a myriad of digital marketing complications amid a weak economy caused by the global pandemic. Many advertisers have already expressed concern that their campaigns will be less effective and precise than before, leading to higher marketing costs with poorer results.

Companies need a longer term, more viable and sustainable approach to building their online presence without paying ransom every now and then from the changing digital marketing landscape.

The answer lies in search engine optimization (SEO), and Stridec has advised brand and business owners to recalibrate their digital strategies, with SEO at the heart of other marketing tactics.

“SEO is the only marketing tool that doesn’t rely on invasive user data to achieve its goals and get the results you want,” explains Alva Chew, resident SEO expert and consultant at Stridec.

“SEO doesn’t need to know or track demographics, online purchase history, or browsing habits of your audience to work. All you need to get SEO up and running is user search intent, simply from publicly available data can be determined to get a deeper look at the search engine results that are displayed with every search, “explained Mr. Chew.

Moving to an SEO state of mind that forms the basis of the brand’s entire digital marketing strategy has paid off for both consumer-centric and B2B companies that started out with it.

A local bakery in Singapore was able to increase its online sales of birthday cakes and festive products like mooncakes and CNY goodies from the ground up thanks to its SEO strategy alone and achieved an average of five times the return on investment (ROI). . More importantly, social media advertising spend has been reduced without a drop in sales.

In addition to bypassing the restrictions caused by the privacy changes mentioned above, the introduction of an SEO-oriented marketing methodology serves as a long-term replacement for tactical, momentary marketing activities that do not build and accumulate benefits over time.

With this in mind, an established security company specializing in CCTV camera surveillance has focused heavily on search engine optimization and has managed to maintain its market share against larger competitors and at the same time thanks to its strong ranking performance on search engines.

In addition to Apple and Google, other technology companies, including Microsoft, are actively looking to replace current tracking technologies like cookies and user identification with newer implementations like contextual targeting, implying a more fragmented marketing ecosystem going forward.

Companies and their marketing teams will have their jobs going on in the future. Hence, it is critical that they build their marketing strategies on a foundation that will remain stable and sustainable over a long period of time, and SEO leads the way in this regard.

Companies would do well to quickly align their current marketing activities with the new reality and put SEO at the center of their overall online strategy to improve their chances of winning. And Stridec is ready to help them on this journey.

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