Stella Artois reunites Eli Manning and Victor Cruz in newest advert

Stella Artois reunites Eli Manning and Victor Cruz in the latest ad

Eli Manning and Victor Cruz will once again take to the field together to offer fans the game of four winning recipes that go perfectly with a Stella Artois

As the official sponsor of the NFL, Anheuser-BuschAlcohol brand, Stella Artois reunites former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and former New York Giants recipient Victor Cruz to help fans dominate their Super Bowl LV home goal with Stella Stadium Bites. The dynamic duo will once again take to the field together at the MetLife Stadium to offer fans the game of four winning recipes.

"Even if it looks like a Super Bowl like no other, we want to inspire football fans to enjoy the delicious tradition of getting together for an exciting game, meal and Stella Artois in the safest possible way," said Lara Krug, Marketing Director, Stella Artois. "Stella Stadium Bites makes game day prep a breeze, and for anyone in need of additional guidance, Eli and Victor are ready to log in with a virtual game call so you don't go wrong along the way."

Stella Stadium Bites was created with ease and has everything you need for a memorable and delicious matchday celebration at home, where you can safely cook and enjoy fine dining and Stella Artois with friends and family. Stella Stadium Bites was curated by a chef to go perfectly with a Stella Artois. Available through Blue Apron, it features four simple, fan-preferred, yet elevated menu items that enhance the football experience.

"Football is as much about rooting your team as it is about planning your menu," said John Adler, VP of Culinary at Blue Apron. "With Blue Apron's Stella Stadium Bites, we are excited to help Stella Artois provide this one-of-a-kind menu for football fans in their kitchen with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions. Nobody wants to miss a crucial moment, and our recipes are designed to help them look ahead to plan and make sure they can enjoy delicious food all night. "

For fans who could use some extra coaching in the kitchen, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning will reunite on the field they once shared to show people how to play the recipes in a special pre-game day , boiling game soon. Release of "Stella Sessions".

"I had a great time with Eli Manning in the style of a chef for the first time and together with Stella Artois I identified our favorite games on matchday," said Victor Cruz. "While this year is a little outside the norm for big game, I hope it will inspire people to still safely come together to enjoy the best of football tradition – delicious food enjoyed with a cold stella."

"Victor and I have been able to cook some great pieces on the field over the years so it's exciting to have the opportunity to test each other in this regard and meet Stella Artois," said Eli Manning. "You can't go wrong when you combine the best game in the world with an amazing meal and Stella Artois."

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