Starbucks updates its stand on standing in opposition to racial judgement

Starbucks updates its position on rejecting the racial judgment

Starbucks makes 250,000 shirts for its employees to reaffirm their support against systemic racism

Black lives matter and Starbucks is committed to ending systemic racism.

As a company, Starbucks executives continue to listen to their partners (employees) as they strive for justice while proudly wearing the green apron and standing together. The company continues to work closely with community leaders, civil rights representatives, organizations and its partners to understand the role Starbucks can play and to be positive for its communities.

In a letter to the partners of Roz Brewer, Rossann Williams and Zing Shaw, Starbucks shared his latest move towards this engagement in collaboration with the Starbucks Black Partner Network and Black Starbucks executives are providing 250,000 shirts to their corporate partners in the United States and Canada to reaffirm support at this critical time in our history.

This little effort enables partners to adhere to business policies that are designed to ensure a safe and inviting sense of community. Until these shirts arrive in stores, partners can wear their BLM pin or BLM t-shirt to support their community and humanity.

Starbucks is in solidarity with its black partners, the community and customers and understands the desire to express themselves. This is just one step on Starbucks' path to make the company and communities more inclusive. To learn more about the measures Starbucks is taking to address racial inequalities, check out their justice and inclusion schedule here.

The Starbucks Foundation provides $ 1 million / £ 790,000 neighborhood grants to promote racial equality and create more inclusive and equitable communities. The company has also launched an internal series of bold discussions that create a safe space for bold discussions on difficult topics and to improve understanding. Starbucks will continue to work with outside experts to create opportunities for education and discussion.

Starbucks continues to provide resources to its partners to foster thoughtful dialogue on critical issues, including the To Be Welcoming public curriculum, developed in collaboration with Arizona State University. The course content was developed by a team of more than 50 subject experts at ASU based on industry-leading research on issues related to bias and empathy.

Starbucks will continue to encourage its partners to use their voice in their communities by participating in the census, registering for a vote, and getting to know and involve their elected officials at all levels of government.

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