Staff made redundant in vitality crunch supplied lifeline by consultancy with Sunderland workplace

The office for green energy

The Green Energy Advice Bureau, which specializes in the procurement of renewable business energy, is offering sales positions starting October 4th.

The company’s growth contradicts the current trend in the energy sector, as the two providers Green and Avro stopped trading in the last few days.

The Green Energy Advice Bureau – based at Weymouth House, Newcastle Business Park, with an additional location in Sunderland – aims to offer the jobs as a lifeline for the recently laid vacancies.

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Candidates interested in available positions do not require energy experience, but at least a year in a sales role. Careers on offer include Lead Generators, Energy Consultants, Strategic Account Managers, and Sales Administration.

Paul Cobb, Director, said, “This is a very challenging time for the energy market. We are deeply saddened when companies collapse every week.

“As a company in the heart of the Northeast, we continue to expand due to the continued success of a solid growth plan and we want to extend our reach to those affected by the news with an interview guarantee.

“All of our positions offer fantastic foundations, great benefits and intensive training from the GEAB Academy, which gives you the full support and confidence to enjoy a long and successful career in our business.”

Candidates looking for more information can visit or send their résumé to [email protected]