Sri Lanka’s Wire Communication Consultancy Group expands globally

Sri Lanka’s Wire Communication Consultancy Group expands globally

Wire Communication Consultancy Group Chairman Ashan Kumar and Group Director Krishanthi Dhayalan

  • Adventure in the Maldives, Australia and New Zealand

Wire Communication Consultancy (WCC) Group announced accelerated growth momentum with the expansion of its strategic PR, communications and corporate reputation management services to the Maldives, Australia and New Zealand, and opens offices in the Asia-Pacific region.

Entering a global communications presence would further cement the WCC’s presence and contribution to the strategic communications and reputation management industry and pave the way for diverse, impactful partnerships across the region to channel its services. The WCC Group is constantly researching and innovating in core areas, primarily in strategic public relations, reputation management, crisis communication, new age digital corporate communication and online reputation management, as well as PR technology-led research, surveillance and intelligence services.

Wire Communication Consultancy Group Chairman Ashan Kumar commented on the expansion: “According to research analysts, the global communications market is expected to grow from $ 500 billion in 2020 to around $ 800 billion by 2026 with an average annual growth rate ( CAGR) grow. of 17.9%. Global expansion has been the next step on our growth path in recent years and one of the top priorities of our business planning, and the basis for this was created with great commitment and agile attention. While volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) persist, “communication” remains the common constant in all dynamics.

“Our team is constantly engaged in continuous research and service expansion in order to serve our valued customers in the best possible way and at the same time ensure that our personalized service offerings meet the requirements of the times and create the core purpose of communication, which in our opinion is ‘Impact and Action’. We are proud to announce that the idea of ​​local public relations advice and reputation management is truly global today and the stage is set for our next generation of communications entrepreneurs, whom we define as ‘Communipreneurs’. “

The Strategic Communications Consultancy Group will continue to work to fill the gap for bespoke public relations solutions that cover all different economic and social segments.

“We are still sticking to our core strength in our organization – ‘our team’, which is undoubtedly our greatest asset. Our approach is based on the confidence we have in the dedication and ability of our team to take the initiative to serve our current and future customers – locally and beyond – the best. The group is confident that expanding its offering across borders will highlight Sri Lanka’s skills and talents. The effort will bridge international, regional networks and practices to a growing and potential local public relations industry that has a very strong memory.

We recognize the importance of the role of the communications industry as a significant export revenue for Sri Lanka and will continue to look at all available opportunities and most importantly, take action while maintaining our core objective, “commented Krishanthi Dhayalan, Director of Wire Communication Group.

The domestic integrated communications group with over a decade of industry presence consists of the globally award-winning and Edelman-affiliated strategic PR consultancy – PR Wire Sri Lanka, Media Wire – content innovation-led media investment company, Digital Wire – Corporate Online Reputation Management Consultancy (CORM), PR Wire Intel – research and behavioral intelligence based consulting, CPR – independent strategic communication and storytelling consulting, audits – media observation analysis, reporting and data consulting company and Impact Wire – sustainability, impact and cause based business unit.