South Shields welding agency creates new jobs after enterprise booms by greater than 50%

Welding Development Center boss Peter Lyons, right, with welding technologist Sean Peatfield

The Welding Development Center (WDC), based at One Trinity Green, Eldon Street, South Shields, saw a 57% increase in sales for its consulting, training and certification support over the past nine months.

In response, four new roles were created – a business development manager, a non-destructive testing manager, an additional welding engineer and welding technologist.

The company recently moved from its previous location in Jarrow to South Shields, where it has additional office space in addition to its welding center.

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Managing Director Peter Lyons is also the commercial and technical director of sister company NECIT Services, which provides inspection, audit and acceleration services worldwide.

He says WDC’s growth is partly due to the synergy between the two companies and the resumption of many engineering projects that previously stalled due to the pandemic.

He said, “We have created a center of excellence in welding that sets new standards in training and advisory services and also provides companies with the expertise to train welders and obtain the necessary accreditation that allows them to work with much larger organizations to compete for orders.

“We have seen a tremendous increase in jobs, due in part to our growing reputation and resumption of engineering projects as economies continue to open as pandemic-related restrictions ease.”

He added, “Much of our work has been secured through word of mouth and personal recommendations, but the creation of the two new roles of Business Development Manager and NDT Manager underscores our ambition to grow and expand into new sectors.”

Brian Cowell from Newcastle joins WDC as the Non Destructive Testing Manager after four years as a Welding and Coating Manager at United Utilities.

Aberdeen-based Alexander Flett has been named Business Development Manager with the responsibility of growing the business as a whole.

Stephen Carr of Ashington joins WDC as a Welding Engineer while Sean Peatfield has been named Welding Technologist.

Stephen has nearly 40 years of welding experience after joining the company from Flexible Engineering Solutions where he served as a quality, health, safety and environmental manager.