Software program automation and cloud consultancy achieves gross sales goal

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Endpoint Automation Services (EAS) software automation and cloud consultancy, which operates nationwide from its Shropshire headquarters, has hit its annual target of £ 1m in sales in four months.

The company has now set an additional target of £ 300,000 in sales for the fourth quarter of this year.

Phil Lewis, Managing Director at EAS, said, “We have had an incredible year so far and have solid plans for our continued growth in the months ahead and beyond, through 2022 and 2023.

“Our significant sales growth is proof of the relevance of our service offering – helping companies with process automation to enable companies to make real savings in terms of time, money and resources. Our software robots were developed to take on repetitive and large-volume tasks, to relieve customer staff and to lead to a more engaged, more productive workforce. “