Social Studying Is Method Past Fb Teams

Social Learning Is Way Beyond Facebook Groups

Many professionals mistakenly believe that social learning is a very informal and discussion-based approach. They think that when they spend time talking to other learners in a Facebook group, they participate in social learning.

In reality, the concept is more complicated. It is true that Facebook groups can be part of social learning. This method creates opportunities for peer-based support, feedback and knowledge sharing. Learners can benefit from the experience and understanding of others, and that is valuable. At the same time, it is also limited.

Facebook groups have a delay in responding. An employee may ask a question and have to wait until another learner who knows the answer becomes available. In addition, the lack of immediate back and forth can hinder brainstorming or active exploration. Both generally benefit from a quick discussion and concentration on the respective topic.

While discussions in a Facebook group can certainly be beneficial, social learning goes far beyond this approach. If you want to include more social learning mechanisms, here are some to consider.

Peer coaching programs

With a peer coaching program, you can establish official partnerships between employees. This creates a paradigm in which an experienced worker actively supports another, who builds new skills or improves their knowledge. Together with the general knowledge exchange, the approach can ensure that when a learner has an immediate need, he has a person (or people) to whom he can contact directly for support.

Videos produced by the employee

In some cases, the interactions do not have to be live to qualify as social learning. If you invite your best and smartest employees to create demo videos for other employees, you can also fall into this category. It enables employees to train in a way that is directly related to a specific job. The learner benefits from the experience of a peer. You can also make the Video Creator available for questions and add another social component.

Live brainstorming sessions

Sometimes it's the best way to bring a group together and brainstorm them to solve problems. Personal collaboration can promote knowledge sharing, introduce employees to different perspectives, and stimulate innovation and creative thinking. In some cases, the experience can also be replicated online, although you'll need to coordinate a meeting time when all are available in a forum.

Ultimately, social learning isn't just about Facebook groups. it can go far beyond that. When it comes to bringing learners together, it may be a qualification. So think about whether you want to learn more about the benefits of the program social learning experience,

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