Small Companies Lacking Key Objective-Setting Methods, Famend Enterprise and Advertising and marketing Advisor Says

5 Goal Setting Strategies That Will Make Your Business Successful

TORONTO, June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Internationally recognized business and marketing consultant Husam Jandal has a piece of advice for small and medium business owners: “Go beyond acronyms like SWOT and SMART for meaningful results.” His article, “5 Goal-Setting Strategies That Will Set Your Business Up For Success,” outlines simple and actionable steps executives can take to improve their results, is now live on

5 Goal Setting Strategies That Will Make Your Business Successful

“We have learned frameworks like SWOT and SMART and made us believe that they ensure success,” complains Jandal. “They’re good starting points, but business owners who evolve their plans have much higher success rates.”

Jandal says that, on average, only 5% of companies meet their annual targets. He believes that the problem usually isn’t with the company, its products, or its leadership, but with the way its goals are set. In addition, he believes that the issues begin with the second goals formulated.

“Many executives have a goal in mind, such as increasing sales,” explains Jandal. “Then they start with the strategy of how their sales and marketing teams can use the SMART method to achieve these goals. However, this approach overlooks SWOT – the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By starting with SWOT, companies get the most out of their existing resources so that they can go further than SMART alone. “

After working with hundreds of companies and helping Fortune 100 companies improve, the consultant says SMART goals should come much later and should be designed to resonate with the teams performing tasks and stay true to the company’s values.

Many companies also overlook critical areas such as time management, tracking, accountability and support when setting goals, Jandal notes. He says that especially with smaller businesses, owners have a variety of tasks to deal with. So simple things like the regular implementation of progress assessments fall by the wayside until they are forgotten at some point or the goal is completely lost from sight.

“It doesn’t take much to stay on the right track. Even making regular appointments with a mentor, coach, consultant or confidant increases the chances of success dramatically, ”says Jandal.

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5 Goal Setting Strategies That Will Make Your Business Successful
5 Goal Setting Strategies That Will Make Your Business Successful

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