SK-II and Olympic athletes problem poisonous competitions in magnificence

SK-II and Olympic athletes challenge toxic competitions in beauty

While the world celebrates the beauty of the competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this is the global prestige skin care brand SK-II team up with top Olympic athletes to explain #NOCOMPETITION in a booth to remove the competition from beauty. Through engaging conversations, SK-II seeks to inspire women to define what beauty means for them and not to participate in these toxic contests. Because pressure should never dictate our decisions.

The best Olympic athletes, Simone Biles, the most award-winning gymnast in the world, LiuXiang, world record swimmer, Ishikawa Kasumi, table tennis player and two-time Olympic medalist, Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo, badminton duo and The Olympic gold medalist Nino Surferon and Mahina Maeda the Japanese volleyball team, report on their personal experiences on their social channels and send a strong message – “We will not compete again. Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION. "

#NOCOMPETITION was also officially launched at the 2020 MAKERS Conference by SK-II, a global partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

YoeGin Chang, Brand Director of SK-II Japan, said at the 2020 MAKERS Conference: “Beauty can be many things. But one thing should never be, is a competition. With the world drawing their attention to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and celebrating this biggest competition for humanity, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the toxic competition of beauty that women face every day and that determines how they look feel and act.

“SK-II is essentially a human brand. We want to use our voice as a driving force to bring about positive change in the world today. We want everyone to join in and vote for #NOCOMPETITION. "

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“If you want to be beautiful in today's society, you have to look, act and feel in a certain way. For example, on social media, being beautiful means having a certain type of physique, behaving in a certain way, and showing the world how happy and carefree you are. More and more girls curate these “perfect” social media profiles and think that this is the only way to be beautiful, ”said Delphine Buttin, program director of the global SK-II Olympic Games.

“However, there should be no competing standards for how someone should look and act. Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION and our athletes are real proof of it. "

“The competition for beauty has always been there. But it cannot be overlooked how unhealthy it has become today, fueled by culture, media, society … and beauty brands like ours! We all have a role to play. As a beauty brand, our job is to build trust and spread positivity without creating pressure and toxicity, ”added Sandeep Seth, chief executive officer of Global SK-II.

“As the leading beauty brand, we want to take a stand and use our voice to stop this toxic competition. With #NOCOMPETITION, we hope to create a mass action platform that encourages women to break out of toxic beauty pageants and define what beauty means in a broader sense – without pressure dictating their decisions. "