Simon-Kucher launches personal options enterprise: Engine

Simon-Kucher founds his own solution business: Engine

The global consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners has launched a new solutions business that brings more than 35 years of experience and over 20 tools to the market.

The new business under the brand “Simon-Kucher Engine” is part of the company’s strategy to become a EUR 500 million company and an “end-to-end provider” in its areas of expertise. Founded in 1985, Simon-Kucher & Partners specializes in three areas: trading strategy, sales & marketing and pricing.

The global company (40+ branches worldwide) has developed into a consulting market leader in these segments over the years and is now striving for a similar position in the solutions segment with its new company.

“We are confident that our intelligent engines, smart toolkits and platforms for digital interaction with customers and teams will open up completely new worlds in pricing, marketing and sales for companies,” says Wolfgang Johann Mitschke, Managing Director of Simon-Kucher Motor.

The digital tools in the Simon-Kucher Engine portfolio include: Price Map, a price structuring tool; Peer Pricing, a tool that helps negotiate sales with benchmark data; Price Wargaming, a tool that simulates price wars to help make better decisions; New Product Pricing, a tool that helps companies evaluate their innovations; and TradeStrat, a platform that provides insights into trading terms and discounts.

“We offer companies simple and easy-to-implement software solutions that support executives in making quick, well-founded and automated price, sales and marketing decisions – and thus improve their sales growth,” said Mitschke.

Andreas von der Gathen, CEO of Simon-Kucher, said that Simon-Kucher Engine brings two main benefits to the company. First, it gives Simon-Kucher an early mover advantage in a high-growth market. Commercial departments are quickly turning to technology to gain insight and improve decision-making, and “As leaders in pricing, sales and marketing, we know what customers want and need.”

“We see great growth potential in our new technology company Engine,” says Von der Gathen

Second, the move deepens Simon-Kucher’s offering for its customers by adding a “run-the-business” offering to its traditional strategic advisory offering. This means that the company will be able to offer an “end-to-end” solution and at the same time take advantage of a solution business – a longer-term customer relationship and thus more personal responsibility and a more predictable flow of sales (as opposed to consulting ).

“Simon-Kucher Engine will help us to meet the needs of our customers even better than before. The tools will help us turn recommendations, know-how and best practices into tangible results for our customers. “

Other large consulting firms with a solutions business are McKinsey & Company (over 50 solutions in different sectors), Bain & Company (most of which focus on commercial improvements and transactions), and Mercer (a suite of HR solutions).