Sigma Pensions Trains 100 in Digital Advertising, Others

Sigma Pensions Trains 100 in Digital Marketing, Others

From Adedapo Adesanya

Nigeria needs to invent and produce cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for education, business, medicine and security.

Such was the view of Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the founding class (2021) of the Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM), Lagos.

Mr. Osinbajo, who gave a keynote address at the event, also called for effective collaboration between the public and private sectors to build world-class institutions focusing on innovation in science, technology and management sciences that would help find solutions to the country’s challenges to offer.

NUTM is a premier school of innovation and technology focused on leadership development in Nigeria and Africa and sponsored by Mr. Okey Enelamah, immediate former Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment.

“The most important problems of this generation, especially in Africa, will require innovations in science, technology and management sciences, especially entrepreneurship and innovative leadership, if we have a chance to solve them,” the VP was stated in a. cited statement from his media advisor, Olaolu Akanda.

The Vice President said the NUTM program graduates had what it takes to be among those who would provide solutions to national and global challenges in different sectors in the future.

“I think that as we, the graduates of the NUTM scholarship program, sit in front of us today, maybe just see the men and women with the answers to some of the world’s most important challenges.

“And there are actually many challenges. We have to invent and produce innovative AI applications for education, business, medicine and security.

“We need to develop the educational innovation needed to educate millions of children across the country and on our continent in or out of classrooms and provide the techniques to bring technology opportunities on a large scale,” he said.

Mr. Osinbajo said that in agriculture, Nigeria needs to invent advanced equipment, precision farming methods and robotic systems

He said such inventions would guarantee the enormous yields per acreage or amount of dairy and livestock to meet the food security needs of a country that is heading to third place in the world in just a few years.

“And we are waiting for the breakthrough in treating specific African health problems such as sickle cell anemia, fibroids and cancer.

“There is a lot to do. But we know that breakthrough innovations in technology or commerce will always be the result of the work of well-educated people.

“That is why the NUTM scholarship program was developed to offer cutting edge knowledge in technology, entrepreneurship and design. Administration; Perspectives in groundbreaking leadership ideas, critical thinking and writing. “

The aim of the university is to train and equip highly qualified crack technology, innovation and management experts.

“The students are the first part of this dream team. And we hold our breath waiting for you to step into your designated roles.

“First, every major innovative breakthrough in science, technology, or social sciences has been the result of patient collaboration, sometimes across countries.

“There is still no innovation around the hard and sometimes long task of creating rare values,” he said.

The second reason most people will never gain importance, in his opinion, is because they are only interested in themselves and their personal achievements.

“But to gain meaning, you have to do something much bigger than yourself, a big idea, a massive game changer should always be your goal.

“Third, develop a mindset that you are as good as anyone who has ever developed a groundbreaking idea.

“Problem-solving innovators aren’t ghosts, after all. And that’s important because the way not to do that is to have a mind that is incapable of seeing big things, ”he said.

While Osinbajo praised the NUTM’s founders, management and academics for the great work they did, he told the graduates that those who built Dubai were men and women, not ghosts.

In his welcoming address, Mr. Enelamah, who is also the chairman of the university’s executive committee, thanked the vice-president for attending the event.

He added that NUTM was a groundbreaking higher education institution founded to empower leaders and innovators to make an impact in Africa and other parts of the world.

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