Showcase of Summary Collage Artwork with Surreal and Typically Hilarious Outcomes

Groove Maker from Linz Sepe

Whether digitally or with scissors, glue and scanner, collages are a lot of fun! The pieces I love to browse through are those with hilarious results, where the artist uses completely random imagery to create an abstract scene with a comedic twist. In today’s design storefront, I have 30 fantastic collage art projects, each with a surreal (and sometimes disturbing) result.

Vacation invasion from Linz Sepe

Drip Drip from Linz Sepe

Fall of trust from Linz Sepe

Playing with traffic from Linz Sepe

Digital collage by Eduardo Argoud

Digital collage by Eduardo Argoud

Collage art by Frank Moth

Collage art by Frank Moth

Collage art by Frank Moth

Collage art by Frank Moth

Collage art by Frank Moth

Seamless's second social attempt

Do me a favor from Mohanad Shuraideh

This creates a street from Mohanad Shuraideh

Beach egg by Mohanad Shuraideh

Girl on Toast by Mohanad Shuraideh

Eat up from Mohanad Shuraideh

Creator of Eugenia Loli

Fablebusters by Eugenia Loli

Gouache application by Eugenia Loli

Targeted by Eugenia Loli

Snow White by Eugenia Loli

Reliable relationship from Eugenia Loli

Great year from Eugenia Loli

Evening meal by Eugenia Loli

Callisto Tides from The Invisible Realm

Lunar day from The Invisible Realm

Cosmic juggling from The Invisible Realm

Age of Aquarius from The Invisible Realm

The Great Escape by Sammy Slabbinck

Happy Trails from Sammy Slabbinck

The model by Sammy Slabbinck

Feeding the Birds by Sammy Slabbinck

Collage by Ben Giles

Collage by Ben Giles

Collage by Ben Giles

Collage by Ben Giles

Collage by Ben Giles

Dive in!  by Peter Nudo

NSFW by Peter Nudo

World Pool by Peter Nudo

My girl from Peter Nudo

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 by Peter Nudo

Stirring a Storm by Joe Webb

Antares & Love by Joe Webb

To the moon by Joe Webb

Citizens Of Earth by Joe Webb

You're Wow from Denis Sheckler

Everyone hates you by Denis Sheckler

All The Exists Underground by Denis Sheckler

So sure from Denis Sheckler

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