Samuel Ogunkoya: Wahala Room Makes use of Digital Advertising and marketing Methods to Empower Artistes

Samuel Ogunkoya: Wahala Room Uses Digital Marketing Strategies to Empower Artistes

Wahala Room is a digital marketing agency armed with undiminished strategies for promoting artist brands and businesses. Over the years they have helped over 25 artists create visibility for their songs and offers.

The company’s CEO, Samuel Ogunkoya, started out as an artist by the nickname Samkul. Back then, he learned the ropes as a budding artist and used unconventional strategies to promote his music. This gave him a head start among his contemporaries.

Ogunkoya, who left Nigeria at a much younger age, lived the other half of his life in Chicago. Getting into music wasn’t a big challenge for him, as his father Kola Ogunkoya was already a popular afrobeat artist who played with the late Fela Kuti’s band in his early days. Ogunkoya noted that Wahala Room uses digital marketing strategies to empower artists.
“Our digital marketing strategies help artists achieve the visibility they want for their music and brand. Over the years artists have been strengthened, they have benefited from their love of music. “

Commenting on his father’s inspiration for his musical journey, the younger Ogunkoya said: “I came to music through my father, Kola Ogunkoya, who is a renowned afrobeat musician who once played with the legendary Fela Kuti. My father’s involvement in music inspired me to develop an interest and passion for music. My father always tells me that if you want to learn a skill you should pick it up and learn it. That’s what I did when my interest in music grew. I learned to record myself and then also connected with Dejeavupondbeat, a popular music producer and sound engineer. Right now we have a music department, ”he said.

When asked about the impact Afrobeats is making around the world, he said, “Afrobeats is growing day by day and it’s an exciting time for all of us.”

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