Rutland-based digital advertising company, Quibble, donated funds to Breeds in Want in Lincoln

A Rutland-based digital marketing agency donated money to a dog rescue center.

Quibble in Uppingham gave £ 820 to fund the purchase of two incubators at Breeds In Need in Lincoln.

Charity volunteers have seen an increase in the number of dogs in need of help with the pandemic and a significant increase in puppies with cleft palates that are usually knocked down by veterinarians as they can be costly to care for.

Rutland-based company Quibble donated money to two incubators at Breeds In NeedRutland-based company Quibble donated money to two incubators at Breeds In Need

Anna Morrish, Managing Director of Quibble said, “I saw Rescue raise money by running an online auction and I knew that we as a company were able to make a real difference in helping this organization to do what she does best – to save lives. “

She added, “I explained I wanted to make a donation, which they thought was nice and when I asked how much the two incubators were and that we wanted to buy them for Breeds In Need they were completely overwhelmed.

“I am so excited that we can help as the women who run emergency services work so hard to care for so many sick puppies and dogs that they travel across the country to rescue.”

A puppy at Breeds In NeedA puppy at Breeds In Need

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