Richard Longstreet launches recruitment enterprise Tarka Expertise

Richard Longstreet, founder of Tarka Talent

Tarka Talent, a new strategy, transformation, and change management recruiting company, was founded. Founded by Richard Longstreet, a former corporate consultant who has been recruiting in the field for five years, Tarka Talent works with both consulting firms and industry clients looking to hire consultants.

Longstreet commented on why he has now taken the step of starting his own business: “Now is the perfect time, as strategy and transformation skills are in demand more than ever. Even before the recent pandemic companies that couldn’t transform lagged behind. New challengers and changing customer expectations in all industries are forcing established companies to keep changing. ”

Clients work with consultants on such transformations, and Tarka Talent will help consulting firms build their respective talent bases. “We are partnering with strategy consultancies that are more focused on delivering transformations and specialist providers that are focused on skills such as innovation and culture change,” said Longstreet.

While Tarka Talent serves several of the big well-known consulting brands, the recruiter also serves a number of “leading boutiques that have handled the pandemic well and are in an exceptionally strong position as they head into 2021.” added: “Given the tight Boutique relationships and our understanding of how best to assist smaller consultancies, who may not have the larger companies’ brand names, in recruiting, is a particularly exciting area for us. ”

In the consulting exit area, Tarka Talent helps industry clients to use the skills and experience that ex-consultants can bring with them. “In the strategy area, we recruit in the areas of trade and corporate strategy, innovation and digital strategy. We are industry-independent and employ both on a permanent and contractual basis in this area. ”

“We also recruit directly in the industry during the entire transformation and change lifecycle. If a company is looking for someone to design a transformation program, a team to make delivery, or set up an in-house transformation function, we can help. “In the meantime, the company is working in the area of ​​private equity with the areas of value creation and portfolio optimization of funds as well as their portfolio businesses.

Supported by 11 Investments Group

Longstreet, who has been in the consulting market since his career as a consultant at Capgemini Invent, previously built the recruiting practice for 3Search, which is part of the 11 Investments network of recruitment companies, and is pleased to continue to work with the 11 Investments group.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity to start my arm in the 3Search business with the support of the 11 Investments group to start Tarka Talent to build on the hard work that has been done over the past five years. By introducing a new brand within the 11 Investments group, I can create a truly specialized offering at a time when advisory skills are particularly in demand, while leveraging the number of directors who have previously built successful recruiting companies. This also allows me to continue my existing relationships with candidates and clients instead of starting over. ”

“Choosing a name for a company is a very difficult process and I was very interested that the name of the company was in some way related to me. The name Tarka Talent comes from the story of Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson. The book is based in North Devon and tells the story of an otter and its struggles through life. Born and raised in Devon, I thought Tarka was an excellent icon to reflect on where I am from. “