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The Italian lighting manufacturer Axolight commissioned Teikna Design with a complete rebranding, which was presented during the Milan Design Week 2017. This work, which included a redesign of the logo, a strategic repositioning, a direction for photo art, the website and catalogs, was driven by the idea that Axolight should no longer primarily address representatives and dealers, but rather address the planners and the design community should. So far, Axolight has been perceived as a product rather than a design-oriented brand – despite the company's proven commitment to innovative design solutions and technologies. This significant shift in focus required a radically different visual language inspired by the mid-century modern style: basic geometric shapes, vivid colors, the Futura font, and the powerful, effective use of graphic patterns.

Award winning annual reports designAward winning annual reports design

Work on the catalog began in January 2017, with a March deadline, just in time for Milan Design Week 2017, which focused on lighting, says Claudia Neri, director and design director of Teikna. That was a tight schedule for more than 250 pages with more than 100 products. "There were also a few new products in the prototype phase when we were working on the design of the catalog," says Neri. “This led to a kind of double-sided printing: On the one hand, the printers had to have our files as soon as possible. On the other hand, the engineers were still testing products and constantly changing the technical data, which inevitably delayed our work. "

The repositioning of the Teikna brand was hardly completed when it was put to the test in the catalog. Every critical problem was tested live in the project. "We still had to rewrite some of our own rules," says Neri. "Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to test the strength of the brand system we developed."

Award winning annual reports designAward winning annual reports design

On the day the catalog was shipped, Teikna received a call from Axolight CEO Roberto Vivian to tell the team how incredibly pleased he was when the new catalog channeled his vision of a radical brand change. Existing Axolight customers and partners were also pleasantly surprised, and everyone agreed that this was a quantum leap, says Neri. And it has not gone unnoticed that the improvement in design and the overall picture has not been at the expense of practicality and user-friendliness.

Award winning annual reports designAward winning annual reports designAward winning annual reports design

title Axolight Tailor-made design catalog design company Teikna Design, Milan; | Creative team Claudia Neri, Art Director / Designer / Copywriter; Elisa Stagnoli, design assistant | printer Grafiche Antiga | client Axolight

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