Publicis Groupe launches The Pact, Powered by Epsilon

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PR agency company, Publicis Groupe has revealed the pact, Powered by epsilon, a new solution to provide guaranteed results for medium-sized US companies, maximize their advertising costs during the current crisis and lay the foundation for the recovery of these companies.

Every marketing dollar invested in The Pact is guaranteed to lead to real business results such as sales, new customer acquisitions, advertising costs, registrations or other agreed KPIs. If the results are not delivered, 100% of the pact investment will be refunded.

Arthur Sadoun, Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, commented: “With the acquisition of Epsilon, it was always planned to create data-driven packages with AI technology to guarantee results. We have accelerated this product roadmap in the service of time and are starting with the customers who need it most: medium-sized companies.

While they may be focused on cutting costs to weather the current storm, they are also aware that increasing sales is critical both now and after the recovery returns.

You need to move immediately and achieve measurable business impact with scarce resources. Every dollar invested has to deliver.

For this reason, we have developed this unique product, which is available now and enables customers to make investments that are guaranteed by guarantees against targeted results. If we do not deliver, you will receive a full refund.

Medium-sized companies have very clear and measurable KPIs, including sales, registration, voucher redemption, and new customer acquisition. These different KPIs enable quick adaptation to success criteria.

At a moment when lockdowns have led to new digital behaviors that lead to massive additional insights into individual customers, we can offer our customers what they need most in this uncertain time: trust, the right investment for the future to do their business.

After accelerating Marcel for our employees, we are now doing the same for our customers with The Pact. The pact is living proof of our commitment to helping our customers survive the crisis today and change for the world of tomorrow. "

The pact is a package that combines the capabilities of Epsilon's CORE ID and KI with the unmatched size of Publicis Media. Epsilon's CORE ID is the most accurate and stable platform for identity management in the United States. It represents more than 200 million people and is based on transaction data supported by a powerful AI. Publicis Media has the largest media purchasing in the United States and offers companies unprecedented efficiency and competitive advantages.

Together, The Pact uses these functions to spread new data signals that result from rapidly changing consumer behavior – such as: For example, increased streaming, evolving television viewers and the shift of shopping from the store to the online – to spread timely, relevant news. Epsilon's CORE ID serves as the backbone for the Pact AI models, which learn and rewrite themselves every second in order to optimize them for targeted KPIs.

The pact leverages the power of billions of digital context signals to deliver a rich audience, dynamic creativity and personalization on a large scale. The customers of the pact receive a transparent measurement of every marketing impression and every conversion with a guaranteed return.

“The rapid shift in behavioral data signals from our new normalcy of social distancing and protection has further enriched the heart of Epsilon, the Publicis Groupe data platform, by increasing the digital contact points by more than 20%, making them even more powerful and precise Source for understanding and personalizing consumers on a large scale, ”said Bryan Kennedy, CEO of Epsilon.

"By combining these newly amplified signals with our 200 million CORE IDs, powerful machine learning and the private exchange of thousands of publishers, we have created a results-based product for customers who need it most."

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