Poise and Busy Philipps group as much as shatter below-the-belt well being stigmas

Poise x Busy Phillips

Poise is working with Busy Philipps to launch It Takes Poise – a campaign designed to empower women to address taboo issues directly

In a time of fake news, Instagram filters, diets and short-lived trends – real is rare, especially when it comes to the reality of taboo health issues such as unexpected piss leaks. attitude The It Takes Poise campaign aims to have honest conversations to demystify leaks, eliminate the uncertainty of bladder leaks, combat community isolation, and ensure access to the right solutions.

Poise is the leading brand for bladder leakage solutions Employees of Philipps openly address the less glamorous aspects of femininity. Poise encourages women to seek knowledge and product solutions and hopes that women feel inspired to take matters into their own hands.

"By reducing the stigma associated with talking about bladder leakage, we hope to increase knowledge about the subject and ultimately help women understand better what bladder leaks are – what they are and why they occur," he said Sarah Paulsen, Creative and Design Director for Kimberly-Clark's North American women's brands. "We do this by working with other pioneers like Busy Philipps and like-minded partners like that Association of National Advertisers (ANA) SeeHer, the world's leading movement to improve the visibility of women and girls in advertising, marketing, media and entertainment. "

Poise is committed to starving societal stigmas and breaking down barriers to dialogue – not only through partnerships, but also through grassroots efforts. Over the next five years, Poise will invest $ 1 million / £ 772,955.00 in like-minded initiatives to combat unfair standards for women and provide them with both financial and financial support.

“Kimberly-Clark has been a member of SeeHer since its launch in 2016. Our goal is to build on this relationship and work side by side to support women in all areas of life, even when it comes to treating bladder leakage, ”said Paulsen.

To further demystify the topic, the Poise brand uses yellow liquid to display urine in television and print commercials, to realistically address bladder leaks and to normalize the conversation around the problem, as this is part of life for every third woman .