Personal This Intensive Font Library Value $4265 for Simply $29

Own This Extensive Font Library Worth $4265 for Just $29

High quality fonts can be very expensive and are often the most expensive tool a designer needs. So when such massive savings occur, it is difficult to let them pass! This brand new bundle contains 16 handpicked fonts with hundreds of individual fonts specially selected for their quality and versatility. These fonts are bestsellers at their regular price, but you can pick them up at over $ 4,236 that has been subtracted from the price for a limited time. With a 99% discount, the discount is so high that there is little on the price tag! This is a great opportunity to give your font library a major upgrade with some great fonts!

The extensive font library of this new Modern Designer contains 16 high-quality font families that you can add to your collection. Extended licensing is included in the price. It is difficult to find a single font with these terms of use for $ 29, regardless of 16 fonts! If your font collection currently consists of free fonts, you will be amazed at the quality of these premium fonts. Forget missing characters or inconsistent kerning. These fonts are professionally designed to take your work to a whole new level. You can see why such fonts cost so much at their regular price if you consider the multi-weights (the Niva family consists of 60 individual fonts alone!) Or features such as stylistic alternatives that cleverly add ligatures and swashes to your typographic designs improve.

Buy the extensive font library for $ 29 ($ 4,265)

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