Persona Vitamin thanks first responders with free personalised nutritional vitamins

Persona Nutrition thanks first aiders with free personalized vitamins

Persona donates personalized vitamins to 1,000 fire, police and rescue workers

persona, a Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) company and personalized vitamin subscription program, shows its appreciation for the country's fire, police and emergency services by providing up to 1,000 first aiders with three free months of personalized vitamins delivered to their door will. Emergency workers can now visit Persona's Instagram to complete Persona's short nutritional assessment and put together their personalized packs of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

“Our first aiders make difficult sacrifices every day and put the needs of others before their own. It is a small sign of our appreciation to give as many of them as possible access to high quality nutritional supplements, ”said Jason Brown, founder and CEO of Persona Nutrition. "These emergency services now deserve self-care more than ever and we want them to know that we are there for them, just as they are there for us."

Firefighters, police officers and rescue workers can visit Persona's Instagram to sign up for free Persona vitamins. Because all Persona vitamin packs are tailored to a person's individual needs, fill out a short questionnaire to receive their free three-month (up to $ 80 / £ 65.05 per month) personalized vitamins delivered to your door.

Persona Nutrition continues to donate money and products to those in need in this uncertain and disruptive time. Last month, Persona donated more than $ 500,000 / £ 406,547.50 through this program and its former nonprofit. Vitamin angel – and by Meals on wheels America. Persona takes measures to protect and support all employees – both employees and those who report to Persona facilities.

"People matter – whether you're at the forefront of a pandemic or making sure everything is stable at home. It's inspiring to see how many companies find ways to help, give, and educate others. We are proud to initiate our first aid program and hope we can continue to deliver in the coming weeks and months, ”Brown continued.

To learn more about Persona or to do the free nutritional assessment, you can visit their website here.

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