Pay Simply $29 for The Sort Designer’s Refined Font Package

How would you like to get your hands on a handpicked selection of professional fonts to take your branding, print and digital projects to the next level? Design Cuts has put together another offer, which is full of high quality fonts, and reduced the price by 99%, so that hardly anything is on the price tag! This is a great opportunity to purchase beautiful, nifty, $ 2058 fonts for just $ 29.

The Type Designer's Sophisticated Font Kit

The Type Designer's Sophisticated Font Kit offers a wide range of classic and modern styles and covers all your font needs. You can rely on this type of font even for the largest customer projects. Each one was expertly crafted by type designers and foundries with a serious passion for typography. This is evident from the variety of weights and styles with which each of these fonts is bundled.

Buy The Type Designer's Sophisticated Font Kit for $ 29

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