Our curriculum should embody Inventive technological expertise like digital advertising and marketing – ICT knowledgeable 

Our curriculum must include creative technological skills such as digital marketing - ICT expert

… Multinational companies are not looking for graduates with only degrees, but rather digital skills

By Ike Uchechukwu

The director and CMO of Activecode Business Hub, a Forex, ICT-based / digital marketing company, Kelvin Akparanta, has urged the federal government to urgently add technology skills such as digital marketing and branding to the curriculum in secondary and tertiary schools.

He called Calabar over the weekend during a press conference prior to the launch of his book, Everything Personal Branding and Digital Marketing.

Vanguard learned that the book, titled All Personal Branding and Digital Marketing, had been carefully researched for nine years but was initiated in 2019 and completed during the 2020 pandemic.

Mr Kelvin said he strongly believes that digital skills should be taught as a basic subject / course in Nigerian schools.

His words: “I firmly believe and advocate that personal branding and digital marketing should be taught in Nigerian schools as basic courses and subjects.
“Das Buch” All personal branding and digital marketing has been in development since 2019. It was ready in fall 2020 and was released in 2021. It is a masterpiece of 2 years of careful research and over 9 years of personal experience, everything embodied in the matter

“The idea is to create a perfect resource for beginners to advanced and digital marketers looking to learn new skills or improve on existing ones.

“The e-version of the book is in progress and will be written in the major Nigerian and foreign languages ​​Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and of course French to meet the needs of the French-speaking parts of the African continent.

The ICT guru, who has consulted with major brands in Nigeria such as Carnival Calabar and others, said that his book, if put into practice, can reduce unemployment to a minimum.

He said, “Personal branding is important in today’s economy because you are the main selling point for your service / product.

“When the basics of personal branding and the importance of branding are anchored in young people’s minds, they will become stronger and better career professionals and business tycoons.

“Millennials are changing the way we think. Especially those who graduated during the recession. Imagine getting an expensive degree and then having to live in your parents’ house because you have no job.

“If the Nigerian government can look into this, I believe we will build the next group of world-class professionals and generations of businesspeople.

“I hereby ask the Minister of Education to look for ways in which these claims can become a reality. Take a look at big IT multinational companies like Google, Amazon etc who are creating their own curriculum and changing the narrative in technology because they believe the future is digital and it all starts with personal branding, ”said Kelvin.

He further stated that the uniqueness of the subject covers all professions

“If you are a doctor, you can be a better doctor with proper personal branding and reach more customers for your hospital with a good knowledge of digital marketing. Lawyers, engineers, farmers, civil servants, accountants, politicians, business owners … Infact every job you can think of, ”explained Kelvin.