Orange and Publicis Conseil provides a second life to outdated telephones

Orange and Publicis Conseil are giving old phones a second life

Orange draws attention to the environmental impact of devices, especially cell phones made of plastic and glass, but also to non-renewable natural resources that must be conserved

So awareness of our impact on the planet has increased orange has decided to raise awareness of the environmental impact of devices, especially cell phones, which are made of plastic and glass, but also of non-renewable natural resources, the conservation of which is essential. In France, it is estimated that more than 100 million telephones sleep in drawers.

In this context, the company starts with Publicis Conseil a new campaign that gives everyone the opportunity to trade with one simple gesture: give their old phone a second life by bringing it back to the store.

The film "The Toy", directed by Frédéric Planchon (Iconoclast), tells with great sensitivity and emotion the intimate, sincere and unconditional relationship between a little girl and her toy, the famous "Fisher PriceRolling phone.

Over the years the child grows up, becomes a teenager, and gradually abandons toys that end up in the attic. Years later, she returns as a mother with her daughter, who in turn admires and adopts the toy. With this clever parable, Orange encourages us to give our phones a second life.

"To address a topic like the second life of cell phones, it seemed important to me to share a story about transmission: it's time to see the world through the eyes of those who will live it," said Marco Venturelli , President of Creativity at Publicis Conseil.

The film will be broadcast in 60 seconds and will be accompanied by a press, a poster and a digital campaign that reflect the same attitude. In a second phase, Orange will launch several programs in Europe to give phones a second life by encouraging the return or recycling of old phones and the repair or purchase of refurbished phones.

This campaign was launched in France on September 27, 2020 and will then be extended in all European countries where the group is present: Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

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