Obtain My Free Mild Leaks Picture Overlays to Add Retro Results to Your Pictures

Download My Free Light Leaks Photo Overlays to add retro effects to your photos

Light leaks used to be an undesirable mistake when shooting with inferior analog cameras, but now the colorful scatters are a popular addition to modern digital photos to give them a nostalgic retro look. My free set of light leak photo overlays contains 15 high resolution 3000x2000px, 300ppi graphics that you can insert over your photo using any photo editing software that supports blending modes. When you change the layer on screen, the black background is rendered transparent to enhance your image with colored highlights.

This collection of free light leak graphics contains a variety of colorful images, including warm yellow-orange reflections of light, bright red burns, and bright blue flashes. Apply a single leak of light or overlay multiple graphics to either add subtle distortion to the edge of your image or a larger haze that brightens part of the photo.

Download my FREE Light Leaks Photo Overlays

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