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Professional Alternative and Nottingham-based consulting firm theGrogroup have entered into a strategic content partnership.

theGrogroup will create content and share market information with the Professional Alternative platform. This news follows on from the recent content partnership agreement with RSGi, the legal innovation consultancy.

theGrogroup is a consulting firm focused on professional services, while The Professional Alternative is a subscription-based “business acceleration platform” founded by Derek Southall, Sarah Katherine Bagshaw and Steve Parrott aimed at executive teams of professional service companies .

Paul Richmond, Managing Director at theGrogroup, said, “We are very excited to be working with Sarah Katherine, Steve, Derek and their team at the Professional Alternative Group. The industry has never had such a need for the cutting-edge, short, sharp and tailored content that the platform offers and we are very excited to be part of this service. I believe this will shape the way companies choose and manage many of their back office roles – and for those responsible for employee engagement and the L&D community, this is a real step forward in terms of what a company is can offer.”

Derek Southall, Co-Founder of The Professional Alternative Group added, “theGrogroup is phenomenal at what they do and we look forward to working with them. They have produced some of the best content for accounting and law firms, and their reputation precedes them. They will bring enormous benefits and added value to the users of the platform. “