North-east enterprise proprietor had excellent match for director position at dwelling

The owner of an offshore and energy training consultancy based in the northeast has appointed a new director bypassing the tedious interview process – she had the perfect solution for the role at home.

Ann McRobb, founder of Ann McRobb Associates, has named husband Gary as her new operations manager to meet the growing demands of her business.

Ms. McRobb didn’t have to search long for the ideal addition to her team as her 19-year-old husband has officially taken over the management of operational support.

Mr McRobb, who had been on leave from his previous position since March 2020, had time to realign his career goals and rethink how he wanted to spend his professional life.

After working in the hydraulic products sector since 1982 and only having four employers during that time, he is looking forward to a new challenge for his wife.

Ann and Gary McRobb.Ann and Gary McRobb.

He said, “It only took me nearly 40 years to decide that I needed a change.”

“The last 12 months have been challenging for everyone, but in my case, having been on vacation all year round, I had plenty of time to think about my career.

“I’ve worked in the same industry my entire professional life and suddenly not having that anymore was a shock to the system, but a welcome opportunity to rethink my professional career.

“You start to wonder who and what means most and above all what motivates me?”

“I am very excited to join my wife Ann at Ann McRobb Associates. Since she founded the company in 2012, I’ve watched her diligently grow her customer base.

“Now is the time to put my energy and focus on supporting Ann and the team as the business continues to grow.”

Based in Dyce, the Dyce-based company has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of training and expertise, and delivers large-scale projects in support of major energy, marine and drilling companies around the world.

Ms. McRobb has over 20 years of industry experience and has built a solid global customer base and team of trusted subject matter experts.

Mr McRobb said: “I am genuinely looking forward to the new challenge.

“What makes it even more fulfilling is that Ann has only ever worked with people who truly meet her expectations in terms of experience, knowledge, integrity and quality. So I know that I’ll be working with a solid team that doesn’t come second.

“My focus will be primarily on business development and operational support, but I will be helping Ann make the tea, clean up, and whatever else ‘The Boss’ tells me to do.”

Ms. McRobb said she was delighted that her husband accepted the role.

She added, “We work so well together and as the business continues to grow I needed someone I fully trusted to share the burden and Gary was the obvious choice.

“He brings a wealth of experience to the business and I have great respect for his career so far. I’m really looking forward to the future with Gary by my side. “

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