Normal Digital Social Media Advertising and marketing Ideas: Four Key Info about Conversion Monitoring

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Standard Digital is here with tips for social media marketing! In Hong Kong, digital marketing campaigns and ad spend account for 42% of Hong Kong’s advertising budget in 2021. In order to evaluate paid media campaigns, conversion tracking is a way of monitoring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. It helps you analyze customer behavior data.

Sounds good? Slower. Here Are The 3 Most Important Facts You Need To Know Before Tracking Your Conversion From Digital Marketing Campaigns Online!

1. Reconsider your goals (Find your KPI) | Look at your goals

Singapore has seen a shift towards digital marketing, as evidenced by its total digitization speed of $ 710 million in 2019. What is your goal before you design an advertising campaign? Are you applying for a new service or a new product or presenting yourself in the increasingly competitive market?

It is time to formulate a defined, established, and quantifiable goal. At Standard Digital, we believed that learning from competitors and capturing predictive trends from industry news also helps with brainstorming.

In this case, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are often used to measure the performance of the campaign, which can be used to show how well your goals are being achieved after a digital marketing campaign. Impressions, clicks, and bounce rates are some effective KPIs to consider.

2. Digital marketing channels | Marketing channels

Do AB tests between channels and try different trials on your marketing materials until a combination with the best performing is achieved. With the latest digital marketing channels, Standard Digital is there for you to create social media marketing optimization for your brand with the best content creation.

Here are different types of online marketing channels that you can consider.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Search engine marketing (SEM), Google advertising such as keyword ad, remarketing, pay-per-click platforms, etc.

  • Content creation / marketing & paid media campaigns from social media marketing e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

  • Influencer / Key Opinion Leader Marketing

3. Analyze conversion data | Collect and analyze conversion data

While the funnel should get all of your customers to take your desired actions, in reality only a few can make it to the end of the funnel. By studying the data you should be able to find answers to the following questions.

  • What conducts lead to conversion?

  • Which channel achieves the highest conversion (Google advertising / or paid media campaign)?

4. Refine the digital marketing campaign | Online Marketing Effectiveness and Customization

Now that you’ve analyzed the conversion data, it’s time to start improving your digital marketing campaign. While going through your results, you may encounter some issues such as:

  • Does the page design make it difficult for visitors to visit?

  • Are you addressing the wrong target group so that nobody is enthusiastic about your campaign / website?

  • Problem with the A / B test results?

Big! How should I start?

Conversion tracking tools for Google digital marketing campaigns like Google Analytics and Google Adwords are the most popular and free analytics software suitable for any type of business. They provide you with detailed information on the behavioral data of your customers after Google advertising and optimize your analysis.

Choosing an agency to help you shape a successful strategy is a big decision. Here at Standard Digital (Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan) we want to make it easy for you! For further questions about our services click here.