New E book from Roanoke Consulting Agency CEO Redefines Management in Enterprise

New Book from Roanoke Consulting Firm CEO Redefines Leadership in Business

Amplifier book cover

“Reinforcers are not referred to as leaders, but rather as key people who are able to implement the company’s vision with a unique blend of real leadership and strong following. In that balance, not only can amplifiers advance their own careers, but they can also truly increase the impact their teams, colleagues, mentors and executives have on the business, ”said Finegan.

In Amplifiers, Finegan provides readers with a practical guide for:

  • Identify reinforcers in your company and encourage their development
  • Create and maintain a talent acquisition and development model to attract and grow reinforcers
  • Create a diverse, inclusive and equitable ecosystem to fuel the development and growth of amplifiers
  • Activating amplifiers to bring about long-term, sustainable change and transformation, and
  • Recognize critics in your company and develop them into amplifiers

“In his book Amplifier, Tom Finegan takes a fresh look at leadership. This book isn’t going to be your typical business book gathering dust on your shelf. Amplifiers will inspire readers at all stages of their careers to find the courage to lead and the courage to follow, ”said the former Quintiles CEO Tom Hecht.

With over three decades of experience working with the most innovative, successful and recognized brands in the consumer, retail and life science industries, Finegan applies the lessons learned throughout his career to help companies navigate the emerging competitive landscape. As businesses of almost every shape, size, and type have been turned inside out over the past two years, Amplifiers will help executives realign and move their organization forward.

Amplifier: How Great Leaders Increase the Power of Teams, Increase the Impact of Organizations, and Turn Up the Volume on Positive Change, published by Wiley, will be available wherever books and eBooks are sold September 15th. To learn more, visit the amplifier website here.