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Example of a Google Knowledge Graph

We all know that local SEO is important for brick-and-mortar businesses. If you are an agency owner, you may be running a local SEO strategy for one of your own clients.

Practically everyone walks around with their smartphones on their fingers, and the increased use of virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana means that people are now looking for more than ever.

So why not use local SEO strategies yourself so you can get the first result when someone says, "Hey Siri, what are some local agencies near me?"

Think about it: How many of your customers are local business owners? I bet it's not an insignificant number …

And while recommendations are a great way to build a customer base, you can choose from a larger pool of options if your lead generation consists of recommendations and paid / organic traffic. With this in mind, there are two important ways you can increase your agency leads with local search engine optimization.

Google My Business is your new best friend

When it comes to local SEO, you can't go wrong by starting with your Google My Business account.

Using your business account is probably the most important factor in increasing your local efforts.

Your business account is responsible for important information areas such as …

Google Knowledge Graph:

It's lunch and I'm looking for tacos

The local package:

Image from SEO Local PackI love tacos …

and of course

The card results

SEO Google Maps resultsMmm … tacos

As you can imagine, each of these sections is an incredibly important place to display your business information. Google My Business is the best way to ensure that this information is up to date.

You can manage your company's information on the Google platform. There you enter your current information and update it, e.g. B. Opening times, contact information, address and more.

You can also use one of the most influential aspects within the SERPs: reviews.

Reviews are extremely important when it comes to how your potential customers make decisions. In December 2019, 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, and the likelihood of buying a product increased 270% if 5 reviews were none.

Just to make sure that you have exceeded this last value, here it is again: The probability of buying a product increased by 270% if there were 5 reviews against none!

Reviews behave like recommendations, and Good ratings help strengthen your agency's credibility and trust. So you should make sure that you monitor these review sections and treat below-average reviews with helpful information.

How you present yourself in the comment sections of reviews (this applies to social websites and other review sites like Yelp) gives a good indication of how customers can expect treatment.

Target search terms such as "Nearby marketing agencies (insert city)"

That is correct, I speak local keywords People!

This doesn't just work in cafes or restaurants. Customers also seek help from the agency on site.

One of the easiest ways to improve your local search engine optimization is to create content with targeted keywords.
As you can see, keywords like "Marketing Agency" seem almost impossible to rate …

Agency SEO search volume

… But if you add your city (in my case Austin), you get a longer keyword that lowers the competition and gives you a better chance of rank 3. Not to mention that it lowers the offer price.

local agency SEO search volume

Don't worry if keyword search volume jumps as you add location references. The pool of search queries will decrease as your keywords become more specific. However, the idea is that local markets are more likely to work with you than broader markets.

Don't stop at the targeting agency + YOUR CITY … You can write content with all different types of keyword targeting:

  • Local groups
  • Local events or congresses
  • Local Facebook groups your customers may be involved in

Just make sure these goals are related to your agency's niche, specialty or values.

* Remember that the goal is to show relevant content on topics directly related to your customers and your company in the SERPs.

You can create various blog posts that contain these local keywords and connect to your community. Remember to use these keywords in your titles, headings, and meta descriptions.

By taking advantage of local search engine optimization opportunities, you can access a pool of qualified potential customers who are easy to connect with and more likely to use your agency's services.

Didn't I mention any time zone confusion when planning meetings ?!

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