MullenLowe Singapore develops a complete digital ecosystem

MullenLowe Singapore is developing a vast digital ecosystem

MullenLowe Singapore's innovative ecosystem enables the National Gallery Singapore to connect with the art audience wherever it is. This is in line with their vision of making art inclusive and available to everyone in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond

MullenLowe Singapore worked with Singapore National Gallery Developing a comprehensive digital ecosystem, optimizing the gallery's digital solutions to provide a more personal visitor experience.

The company's innovative ecosystem will enable the gallery to build and maintain strong connections with the art audience, wherever they are. This is in line with their vision of making art inclusive and available to everyone in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond. Digital innovations have become even more important to the gallery after the pandemic when people spend more time at home.

At the center of the ecosystem is #GalleryAnywhere, an accessible portal that offers art lovers and those interested in art access to comprehensive digital and virtual experiences from a single source. Over 2,000 digitized works of art and 7,000 archive materials are available. Since its launch in April 2020, the portal has helped increase visitor engagement on the site, especially during the COVID-19 #CircuitBreaker period.

#GalleryAnywhere has five different segments including Browse, Watch, Listen, Play, and Explore, designed to recreate the experience of visiting the gallery. New content is added every two weeks. #GalleryAnywhere also features content that allows audiences to interact more personally with the gallery's artwork, with the artists themselves speaking about their inspiration for the pieces.

Paul Soon, MullenLowe Singapore CEO, said, “The entire MullenLowe family takes pride in creating virtual experiences to continue enjoying Southeast Asian art for everyone in Singapore and beyond. This is in addition to the important task of redesigning the gallery. "

Chris Lee, CMO of the National Gallery Singapore, said, “We are delighted to be working with MullenLowe Singapore as our integrated partner that enables us to interact seamlessly and in increasingly personal ways with our audiences, whether they are paid to be earned or owned. "

The National Gallery Singapore selected MullenLowe Singapore as their digital agency earlier this year after a competitive pitch. The agency continues to provide media purchase, content creation and data analysis support.

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