Movie Look Lightroom Presets for Entry All Areas Members

Hydrozi Mega Bundle

Access All Areas members can download a great collection of Lightroom presets this week courtesy of Hydrozi. These film look presets are designed to give your photos an old school film look. These presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom or the Camera RAW tool in Photoshop and can be applied with a single click. All settings can then be adjusted if you want to optimize the result. The set contains a total of 55 presets that offer a range of color and black and white photo effects.

Discover the best desktop and mobile Lightroom presets exclusively developed by Hydrozi’s professional team of photographers. The Hydrozi shop is filled with Lightroom preset packages that create a range of photo effects. Above all, check out their huge mega bundle that contains EVERYTHING in their shop at a reduced price and gives you instant access to 15 preset packages with more than 2000 individual photo effects!

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Movie look Lightroom presets for members with access to all areas

This collection of Lightroom film-look presets contains 55 dramatic effects to enhance your photos. The presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and even Adobe Photoshop when used with the Camera Raw tool.

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