Most Widespread Metallic Enterprise Playing cards design Of 2020 | Sources

Most Popular Metal Business Cards design Of 2020 | Resources

Metal business cards come in many unique designs and all are very useful and attractive. You can make your perfect designs if you keep the important points in mind when designing metal business cards. The most popular surfaces of metal cards that must be part of 2020 are popular designs such as matte silver, brushed silver, polished silver, pure white, matte black, brushed black, matte gold, brushed gold, matte copper, brushed copper, polished copper.

These are the most popular surfaces for designing metal business cards in 2020. There are three types of metal designs that are very trendy these days.

1. 3 mm thin cards
Comparable to the delivery of company cards made of ultra-light stainless steel.

2.5mm metal cards
Double thick metal business cards like credit cards!

3.7mm thick cards
XL covered carbide business cards like an I.D. Badge or key card but more difficult.

In 2020, business metal cards with rounded corners and business metal cards with square corners are a design that has enjoyed great success and is the most popular.

Rounded corner business cards

It is round at the ends and in 2020 it is very demanding due to its lightness as it fits in standard bags and wallets because the borders of this design are very soft and easy to bend. At the first impressions, small elements can make a big difference. Business cards with rounded corners have an extraordinary feel that distinguishes them from other cards. The modern, brilliant look helps to keep your company up to date. If you want to take out, this is the only moment to cut corners.

Square corner business cards

It is famous for its distinctive look and logos and photos are presented in a very good way. Product labels and vouchers are in demand in 2020. If you have a unique company, create a unique card. The square business cards have a unique appearance (and behavior) that distinguishes them from standard shapes. It is one of the best designs to showcase your logo or product image and give your company a fascinating, creative ambience.

There are some amazing designs of metal business cards:

Sells metal card

Sells metal business card

One of the famous designs is sold Business card made of metal What is the influence of a metal card. However, combine the inherent attention of metal AND cut out a word that summarizes your business.

This card layout is below the normal prices for stainless steel cards, which contain maps cut across regions and a screen printing ink.

Matte black metal luxury

Matte black metal luxury business card

Nobody says extravagance that resembles a black metal card, and this is one of the features that make it the most popular design of 2020.

This card is bold but simple. The tiny, sloping black stripes are screen printed on the card facade, and finally we etched the word "VIP" in silver with a precision laser. For an extra touch, this card offers the same CR80 dimensions as a credit card.

Iridescent bitcoin metal business cards

Bitcoin Metal Business

If there were a list of polarizing issues in 2020, Bitcoin would be at the top!

Bitcoin brought the idea of ​​digital currency to the masses, and much like the gold rush in 1849, many other companies emerged to support the issue.

This image shows a very trendy design that forms precision passage zones as well as a Bitcoin symbol in the middle of the card. In addition, this card has an impressive gold-brass finish and a razor-sharp black screen print that makes it more trendy and popular.

Organic & simple

This year you'll maximize the outline of several organic patterns and simple logos in both industrial and graphic design.

This copper colored business card is both complex and humble. In detail, this map only contains pass-through zones that have been manufactured using a state-of-the-art chemical etching process. After the etching was completed, this stainless steel business card was subjected to a special copper treatment. The organic nature of these designs lends itself to the name and feel of the organization.

Classic and trustworthy

This stainless steel card has an additional brushed lacquer and the black screen print is the reason for its popularity. Perhaps the most striking part of this design is the customer's last name logo, which is tastefully engraved with a popular whole pattern on the right side of the card.

This card is popular because it stands out, the logo stands out, is balanced and simple.


Map brass finish

That's a word to sum up this luxurious card design!

Now we have a brass finish card with black screen printing on the outside. The golden label is actually the map surface that is displayed in areas where black is not printed. The effect bursts the lettering, the shiny gold comes out clearly, and that's why people prefer this design.

take position

The splendor of metal business cards is often discovered in transparent areas of a card. In this argument, Oracle uses a broken hexagon shape to get the design going.

This stainless steel card is very popular with customers because it is easy to recognize your logo in the straight area. And with bold hexagon cutouts, you can expect every logo to appear with this design.

Black AMEX inspired

American Express has announced its "Black AMEX", which is reserved for large donors. Her design received intricate silver courage on a matte black credit card.

This card receives design components from the Black AMEX credit card.

The silver border and the lettering are the most striking thing. Also glossy orange and black – these components were screen printed by hand onto the card surface.

This Black Metal Card is a jaw dropper with lots of details.

Rustic welding meets rustic card

This copper finish card is great artistic for business colleagues at rustic welding.

And with openwork areas with welding charisma, the mood of the company and everything it has to offer is maintained. This card immediately marks Rustic Welding as professional and trustworthy.