Moms in Enterprise: 10 Profitable Enterprise Ladies to Have fun on Mom’s Day!

Mothers in Business: 10 Successful Business Women to Celebrate on Mother's Day!

We all celebrate mothers around the world on Mother’s Day. We thank them for staying up late, caring for us, for their patience and, on top of that, for their love and support. They deserve a standing ovation for being strong, independent women too! This is a love letter to all working women who have started their own empires and families. Just to give you a glimpse of what we mean on Mother’s Day, here’s a list of ten mothers in the business who rock hard!

Karen Wazen

The Lebanese-British businesswoman and entrepreneur has her own brand of glasses. She lives in Dubai with her husband and three children. Karen Wazen is an outspoken woman, she talks about body image after giving birth. The businesswoman also speaks about fashion, products and has worked with international brands.

Huda kattan

The Iraqi-American makeup artist and entrepreneur is the founder of the cosmetics line Huda Beauty. This company is known worldwide today. She has a daughter with her Colombian husband named Nour. Huda built her own company from scratch, she is a real inspiration to women all over the world!

Farida Khamis

Farida Khamis is the mother, philanthropist and vice president of corporate finance at Oriental Weavers. Farida made it to the list of Forbes Power Businesswomen in the Middle East in 2020. It’s certainly not easy juggling two full-time jobs, being a mom and a vice president!

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Yara El Helbawi

Yara has multiple stores! She has a fashion line Fab Couture Egy, a management consultancy in Egypt and the Netherlands, HLB Business Consultancy and a beauty academy for fashion courses, Vanity. She is the mother of a little boy and she is definitely a super woman!

Norshek Fawzy

She is the founder and CEO of Norshek for beauty and health products. The company was founded in 2019. The logo reads: Sharing beauty is our mission. Every product and experience will pamper your mind and senses as per their Instagram page. She is the mother of two children; a daughter and a son. More evidence that women can do whatever they set out to do and that you don’t have to settle for one path because you can have it all.

Enjy Kiwan

Kiwan is an Egyptian born and raised in Abu Dhabi and a mother of two boys. She used to be a banker and is now a television presenter and humanitarian worker. Kiwan has made several contributions to UNICEF. She had her own antique shop in Dubai, Rubabikia. While raising two sons with her husband. Talk about empowering women!

Amina Khalil

Amina Khalil has her own clothing line called Amina K. She is Egyptian and uses Egyptian materials for all of her handmade items and designs. However, she also gives her work a western flair and combines several cultures and influences. She’s another working mom who is struggling to balance both her business and family, but is a great example of how to successfully balance work and life.

Logina Wrong

Another mom rocks the business world! Logina is the founder and CEO of WW Production House for events & social media management, PR and content creation. In addition, she is a Beverly Hills certified makeup artist. She is raising a beautiful daughter and running a business.

Nourhan Kandil

Nourhan is a radio host, pharmacist and health coach with a passion for nutrition! She has her own online shop that sells healthy foods and beverages. The company is called Dr. Infant. She is also married to a doctor and has three daughters. We know it has to be hard, but she’s doing great so far.

Yasmine Yeya

Yasmine is the owner of Maison Yeya, Egypt, and the leading bridal couture brand in the region. This fashion brand stands for high-quality clothing and unique items. She is the mother of two twin girls. She’s been doing this for a while and is making waves as a mother and as an entrepreneur.

If this list of people hasn’t motivated and inspired you, I’m not sure what will. It certainly isn’t easy to be an independent, hard-working woman and mother. But if you’ve ever doubted that you can’t do both, you are wrong. You absolutely can, just like these amazing women. So, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers who work hard!

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