Miracle Flights companions Torgoen to commemorate 35 years of service

Miracle Flights is a partner of Torgoen to commemorate 35 years of service

Torgoen is campaigning with Miracle Flights to help more children get the life-changing medical care they need

Since 1985 Wonder flights has relied on pilots to transport seriously ill children to specialized medical care away from home. Miracle Flights is pleased to announce its partnership with the Aviation Watch brand as the national nonprofit celebrates 35 years of service Torgoen to mark the occasion.

With every watch purchased on the Torgoen website, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Miracle Flights to help more children get the life-changing medical treatment they need.

"As a brand for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, we immediately felt connected to the Mission Miracle Flights and wanted to find ways to increase awareness and travel costs," said Zorg Emmet, Torgoen Brand Manager. "Together with our customers, we know that we can have a positive impact on this organization and the thousands of families it serves."

For Mark E. Brown, CEO of Miracle Flights, this partnership offers Miracle Flights a welcome opportunity to reflect on his 35 years of service. The organization, founded in June 1985, started in southern Nevada with a small network of private, private pilots who flew only a few local children for medical care each month. Today, Miracle Flights is the nation's leading medical charity, offering thousands of free commercial flights to families across the country each year.

"There is nothing like an anniversary to make you aware of the passage of time," says Brown. "We are grateful to Torgoen – not only for their generous financial support, but also for the elegant and unforgettable way to remember our 35 years."

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