Michael Kors proclaims the launch of its new employee-led marketing campaign

Michael Kors announces the launch of its new employee-led campaign

Michael Kors leans on the spirit of community for his “Watch Hunger Stop 2020” campaign entitled “Eating is Love – Share Your Heart”.

Michael Kors is proud to present the “Watch Hunger Stop 2020” campaign entitled “Food is Love – Share Your Heart”, which this season will be hosted by a diverse collection of brand employees.

Drawing on the new sense of connectedness and community spirit inspired by the global pandemic, the brand looked closer home to uncover talent for its latest campaign, "Watch Hunger Stop," the brand's longstanding philanthropic initiative in partnership with the United Nations World Food Occupy Program (WFP).

This year's campaign, known for its long list of celebrity ambassadors like Kate Hudson, Halle Berry and Lupita Nyong & # 39; o, instead focuses on Michael Kors employees from all levels of the organization who have volunteered to help further assist by stepping forward to the camera.

The resulting images, taken by Menelik Puryear against colorful backgrounds and accentuated with still images of fruit and vegetables, are an exuberant, warm expression of the cooperation and commitment of Team Kors.

Employees wear the Watch Hunger Stop 2020 special edition: a white 100% organic cotton LOVE T-shirt, US $ 40 / £ 30.88; and a blue denim pocket, US $ 58 / £ 44.78, made from 25% recycled Repreve polyester. Both are decorated with a specially designed red love heart plaster. All profits from the sale of the tee and bag go to WFP.

“The idea behind Watch Hunger Stop has always been to connect communities – to share and focus our resources, our voices and our attention on solving the hunger problem. In the face of this global pandemic, we are now seeing how closely we are all connected and this has reinforced my belief that we all want to do good and make a difference in the world, ”says Kors.

“The casting and photography of our employees for this campaign was something very special. People shared their pride in working on Watch Hunger Stop over the years and their willingness to help those in need. "

Commitment is vital on the path to zero hunger. This year's “Watch Hunger Stop” campaign includes innovative and inviting social media initiatives. A special Instagram camera effect (also known as a "filter") called "Share Your Heart" allows any user to join the community and spread the love. Each post that uses the "Share Your Heart" filter triggers a donation of 50 meals to the WFP.

The filter is located on @michaelkors' Instagram profile on the Filters tab. The brand continues to encourage people to wear and share it. Every selfie, every video or every "Reels" post on a public Instagram account with the LOVE t-shirt or bag and the hashtag #WatchHungerStop leads to a donation of 50 meals to WFP.

Michael Kors & # 39; Watch Hunger Stop campaign, now running for the eighth time, is specifically focused on helping the WFP provide much-needed school meals to children in food insecure regions of the world.

It is exciting to announce that Watch Hunger Stop has reached its most important milestone this year, delivering 20 million school meals through the WFP's School Lunch Program – an achievement made possible by the extraordinary support and generosity of friends around the world. The brand looks forward to achieving the WFP goal of Zero Hunger with pride and optimism.

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