Mercedes-Benz launches its first ” Let’s speak Mercedes” podcast

Mercedes-Benz starts its first

The new podcast offers background stories from the world of Mercedes-Benz

Luxury car brand and winner of the World Branding Awards, Mercedes Benz started his podcast "Let's talk about Mercedes". In “Let's talk about Mercedes”, hostess Sarah Yvonne Elsser and her guests talk about various facets of mobility – from sustainable drive technologies and safety on the street to artificial intelligence in cars. The diverse commitments of Mercedes-Benz in the world of sports, fashion and society are also topics of the podcast.

The first season of this new audio format, which was mainly created for journalists, started on May 28 with one of two special episodes on the current situation and the consequences of COVID-19. After that, a new episode is released every month.

"In our podcast we discuss topics from the mobility sector that currently have an impact on our lives, our movements and our society and will continue to do so," says Katja Bott, Head of Global Communications at Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans.

"In our endeavor to always address current issues, the first episodes of the podcast will focus on the current situation. First of all, we want to use this format to talk about changes, challenges, but also opportunities that are currently available to the automotive industry and to look ahead. "

The first of two special episodes starts. Arno van der Merwe, President and CEO of Beijing Benz Automotive Co. (BBAC), answers questions such as: How do you experience the spread of a new virus when nobody knows what it will ultimately have? What is the mood like among employees today? How can you responsibly resume production after a pandemic confronted the country with an unprecedented situation? And what valuable experiences of the past few weeks can be shared with partners in the global production network?

In the second episode, Katja Bott talks to a representative of the media industry about the challenges for communication professionals in times of social distancing and the change that corporate and product communication and journalism are currently going through.

The following episodes of "Let & # 39; s talk Mercedes" introduce company experts who exchange ideas with external guests from a wide variety of areas: from research and development to business, marketing and sports. The podcast examines opinions, discusses different positions and illustrates technical backgrounds. As an automotive and technology specialist, the host Sarah Yvonne Elsser ensures that complex topics are accessible and digestible.

"Let's Talk About Mercedes" is an English-language podcast that is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Deezer as well as on the communication platform Mercedes me media. Additional content for each episode will also be available to me in a podcast special.

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