Meet Arjun Sarin, the youngest advertising tycoon

Arjun Sarin

The young digital artist and manager Arjun Sarin has worked with many renowned personalities such as Guru Randhawa, Tony Kakkar, Prabh Gill and many others. Arjun Sarin is 23 years old, lives in New Delhi and works very hard!

Fame Expertz, his company works on promoting music videos, films, web series, etc. He has managed over 50 creator accounts and worked with over 200 creators.
He set up his marketing agency in New Delhi and later moved to Chandigarh to meet and work with many different types of artists, influencers, singers and actors.

Arjun Sarin

In addition, he has directed many college events including the Bollywood Grub Fest !!! Isn’t that impressive? In fact it is.

As a college event manager, he ran many college events as well as The Grubfest Bollywood! He worked with celebrities like Tony Kakkar, Swaalina, Bhavin Bhanushali, Gurnazar, Prabh Gill, etc.

The two qualities he attributes to his success are hard work and optimism. He has worked with many renowned musicians and artists, including Guru Randhawa, Tony Kakkar and Prabh Gill.

As an entrepreneur, he is known for his success in the digital space. He has earned so much reputation over the years that so many influencers and artists trust him. He also loves to travel and spends his free time traveling and exploring the countryside.

His Instagram followers are in the 35,000 range and he keeps them updated on his life by regularly posting celebrity stories, travel, and work-related posts.

There is no disappointment in working with someone who, like him, is positive, hardworking, and brave. He strives to keep his company growing and is persistent in doing so. His team offers customers the best experience and leaves no room for disappointment.

He has worked with artists like Shyrinn Annicka; Ashima Saxena; Hardik Sharma; Amulya rattan and more! He has also worked with Acapella Productions for all event arrangements and management of Guru Randhawa!

With a personal fan base of 35K on Instagram, he stepped into the realm of fame by working with such great and well-known artists. His company has grown rapidly and has earned an excellent reputation in the digital marketing world.

The company is growing fast and has achieved so much. And will continue to do so much.