Meals consultancy slams govt

A eatery in Siam Square in the Pathumwan district of Bangkok on June 30th.  (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)

Food advice slams government

Facebook letter weeps over the latest curbs

A eatery in Siam Square in the Pathumwan district of Bangkok on June 30th. (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)

A food services consultancy slammed the government’s latest Covid-19 restriction on closing restaurants in shopping malls. It put forward a number of proposals calling on the government to allow them to operate under strict disease control measures.

The True Friend of Restaurants posted an open letter to the government on Facebook commenting on the restrictions imposed in 13 red zone provinces.

The restriction only allows supermarkets, pharmacies and vaccination centers to open in department stores, shopping malls and community centers, but restaurants and restaurants on the premises will be closed, the company said.

“The restriction has baffled the operators of the restaurants and pubs. Did it really help contain the transmissions? The supermarkets are still more crowded, ”the company said.

The restriction has resulted in thousands of employees losing their jobs and the social security fund compensation being insufficient to cover their expenses, the company said.

The impact has also been felt by large operators who have large market shares in the business, which in turn will impact the country’s GDP.

The stocks of food ingredients that cannot be released are tainted, which has affected the operator’s investment capital, the company said. “These operators have suffered an accumulation of damage caused by government restrictions,” it said.

Operators are struggling to survive by finding locations outside of malls to sell groceries, adding to operating costs, the company said.

Not to mention supply chain operators and farmers connected to the restaurant business and affected by the restriction, it said.

With this in mind, the company has put forward a number of proposals for consideration by the Prime Minister and the Center for the Management of the Covid-19 Situation.

She wants the government to allow restaurants and restaurants in department stores and shopping malls to open kitchens and prepare food for delivery services, with orders only being placed through online delivery platforms.

Orders are not picked up in front of the restaurants and pubs. Off-site pick-up points will be determined by the site owners. Only employees who are involved in food production are allowed to work.

The schedule of all staff on duty is checked and they must follow the health safety protocol established by the Department of Health. The staff must undergo a rapid antigen test before carrying out their work.

It added that restaurants and pubs have always worked with the government and are ready to adhere to its measures.