Matthews Advertising and marketing Consultancy Launches Untraditional Advertising and marketing Group Devoted to Serving to CMOs Develop Sensible Advertising and marketing Technique, Enhance Profession Longevity

Matthews Marketing Consultancy Launches Untraditional Marketing Group Dedicated to Helping CMOs Develop Smart Marketing Strategy, Boost Career Longevity

Study shows that CMOs have the highest revenue ratio of all in the C-Suite1

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2021 / Matthews Marketing Consultancy, LLC (MMC), an independent marketing strategy group, today announced the launch of its one-of-a-kind marketing consultancy offering personalized marketing strategies and bespoke marketing solutions to drive growth and meet clients’ goals. MMC boss Michael Matthews has extensive experience and a collaborative approach for companies looking for a new perspective on current industry thinking. MMC works as a strategic partner promoting cross-team collaboration to develop comprehensive and multi-layered marketing strategies that deliver compelling results.

Matthews is a gifted strategist, innovator, and storyteller. In his more than 20-year tenure, he has led multiple marketing teams for top brands and clients such as Allstate, General Motors, Amtrak, Chevrolet, and others. With years of experience in a variety of industries including transportation, hospitality, tourism, automotive, healthcare, retail, insurance, franchise, and outdoor adventure, he recognized an untapped need. Top-level marketing executives seek top-level experience to guide the development of their marketing strategy. MMC wants to close this gap.

‘Developing the marketing strategy is the most important part of the marketing plan. But for a lot of marketers, the hardest part is growing, ”explains Matthews. ‘It is the architectural blueprint of the marketing plan and when it is well developed it serves as the framework that the whole plan follows. Marketing plans aren’t necessarily designed that way, but they are the key to success. We help with the design; The GMO takes the credit. ‘

Matthews Marketing Consultancy (MMC) will assist CMOs in their efforts to limit their marketing strategy focus to parts of measurable and achievable results. Emphasis is placed on demonstrating the results to the CEO while showing how marketing is affecting sales. MMC will facilitate the development of the marketing strategy design to reveal useful success metrics.

MMC has developed eight product-service offerings, ranging from developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to developing a specific component of the plan. MMC can help CMOs when they are in a time crisis or review the marketing plan for critical components before the big presentation. MMC can also act as a strategy coach, quality assurance, facilitation of leadership meetings, or as a preliminary CMO. Helping CMOs and their team to achieve work-life balance is the common thread that connects all MMC offers.

According to a recent study, The average US CMO stays in the job for only 4.1 years, half the average CEO tenure with eight years and less as CFO, CIO, and Chief HR Officer (CHRO). Looking at the statistics, MMC draws parallels between business success and work-life balance with the career longevity of CMOs and underlines the importance of supporting senior marketing managers and positioning them as experts. MMC is ready to work behind the scenes so that the customer receives the credit and can provide the company with measurable value. Matthews explains, “Our goal is to help CMOs be more successful at work than ever before, while rebalancing their work and life.”

Marketing veteran Amy Graham has teamed up with the MMC team to serve as Vice President of Account Management. Amy is a “mother entrepreneur” who has built two successful businesses and raised three amazing children in the past 20 years. She improved problem solving in ways only a mother can.

Graham has roots in marketing and advertising, and previously led groundbreaking programs for high profile national clients such as Allstate. He is very familiar with digital media. “As the Head of Account Management at MMC, I can promise you that my primary goal is to make you, my customers, successful in business and to make it to the kids’ games on the weekends,” said Graham.

For more information about Matthews Marketing Consultancy, contact Michael Matthews at or 773.368.7272.

About Matthews Marketing Consultancy

Matthews Marketing Consultancy redefines the advertising agency’s offering with an untraditional approach to delivering a tightly focused service. MMC is here to help you, the CMO, develop a smart marketing strategy while maintaining the work-life balance for you and the team. Visit Matthews Marketing Consultancy on their website and schedule a consultation meeting, sign up for blog posts and a monthly newsletter:

1. Harvard Business Review. Source: CMO Impact Study, 2014 and 2015, by Kimberly A. Whitler. From “Why CMOs Never Last” by Kimberly A. Whitler and Neil Morgan, July-August 2017. Poll conducted by Korn Ferry in July 2017 and again in 2019. CMOs have the highest revenue in the C-suite. According to an analysis by Korn Ferry, CEOs last an average of 4.1 years in office, while CEOs last an average of 8 years. CFOs, 5.1 years; CHROs, 5 years; and CIOs, 4.3 years. Our own research shows that churn rates may be even worse: We found that 57% of CMOs had been in their position for three years or less (Kimberly A. Whitler and Neil Morgan). Example: The Korn Ferry analysis of the age and tenure of members of the C-suite (CEO, CFO, CIO / CTO, CMO, CHRO) at the 1,000 largest US companies by revenue took place in late 2019.

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