Manchester-based enterprise improvement organisation Elevate secures over £100okay of labor in first 12 months

Manchester-based business development organisation Elevate secures over £100k of work in first year

Elevate founders Ilona Alcock and Katie Robson have had a successful first year in business this week. During the pandemic, the couple were laid off but decided to continue working together and turned their situation around for the better – starting their own management consultancy, Elevate.

With a strong focus on sustainability, innovation and community, Elevate offers a collaborative approach to connect businesses and individuals with exciting opportunities and partnerships in the region. By working closely with customers to raise the profile of both individual professionals and the company as a whole – by organizing events, opportunities for key speakers, content support and broader business communication, the Elevate team works as an extension of internal processes.

The team immediately secured work with high profile clients such as Bruntwood Works and Innovate UK EDGE and got off to a flying start with additional client wins that resulted in over £ 100,000 new business in the first 12 months. With 13 internal events with over 1,000 participants as well as 18 external events such as hybrid, online and virtual summits with over 1,500 spectators, they are also the world’s first Carbon Literate corporate development organization – and so far have over 30. Training courses conducted on carbon literacy companies.

Prior to launch, Ilona and Katie hired design specialist Mel Hill to lead asset and branding creation, while Katherine Barr was later named Client Development Manager to support the expansion. Katherine made an impressive showing in her first few months and was promoted to director this month for her contribution to Elevate’s continued growth.

The team would like to work with companies in the north to raise both personal and business profile. The team has extensive experience in the industry and is extremely well networked in the region. Ilona, ​​Katie and Katherine have all previously held senior positions at one of the largest business development organizations in the Northwest – they are extremely knowledgeable in the local business sector and able to offer successful activity programs for high profile companies.

Commenting on the last 12 months and the launch of Elevate, Co-Founder and Director Ilona Alcock commented, “Many would think that starting a people and events based organization in the middle of a pandemic is a little crazy – but for us, that is at risk It was worth it and that is proof of the strength of our team. We have all maintained a positive attitude from the start, often commented on by customers, to ensure that what we deliver adds real value to the great community we work with. We work on a “no size fits all” basis and offer and facilitate tailor-made activities that benefit the individual needs of each company.

“This first year has been fantastic as we’ve really developed a model that works for us and our network. We can’t wait to continue our goal of elevating the north and its fantastic business world. ”

Elevate offers broader support to professionals and business owners, and also offers bespoke groups focused on innovation, sustainability and community. The groups create a platform for senior leaders to discuss new initiatives, issues, or challenges in their industry and look at the greater impact they can have on the region.

Passionate about sustainability and with a desire to support the Northwest’s ambitions to be net zero by 2040 (ten years ahead of the UK target), the Carbon Literate store offers fully certified training on corporate carbon footprint to reduce.