Macy’s and Klarna announce new five-year partnership

Macy & # 39; s and Klarna announce new five-year partnership

In addition to the integration of the Klarna Pay option in 4 on, Macy & # 39; s Inc. becomes an investor in Klarna

Klarna, the global payment and shopping service, has announced a partnership Macys, America's best-known department store to offer customers the opportunity to pay at the online checkout in four equal, interest-free installments as part of an enhanced shopping experience.

"With a strong focus on digital agility and innovation, Macy & # 39; s continuously seeks strategic partnerships that enable us to deliver the best possible shopping experience for our customers," said Matt Baer, ​​Chief Digital Officer of Macy & # 39; s , Inc. "We look forward to entering into a long-term relationship with Klarna that will help us reach a wider audience looking for seamless alternative payment solutions that offer them financial control and convenience."

Within the department store segment, Macy & # 39; s is one of the first companies to offer its customers the “Buy now, pay later” offer from Klarna. This appeals to younger populations who increasingly prefer alternative payment methods, but also to all consumers who are looking for flexibility and convenience. In the midst of the rapid acceleration of e-commerce, Macy & # 39; s has been quick to pursue digital initiatives and partnerships to quickly meet increased customer demand for online shopping and flexible payment options.

"Macy & # 39; s is the shopping destination for American consumers, synonymous with quality, style and celebration," said Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna. “Klarna is excited to partner with Macy as the shift to online retail accelerates and the company continues to innovate and improve its digital offerings to meet changing consumer expectations for whom smart and flexible payments are essential. This strategic collaboration is ingrained in a shared obsession to deliver a superior innovative shopping experience that builds lasting connections with consumers. "

Klarna is the pioneer and global market leader for instant purchases and later options. With more than 200,000 retail partners worldwide and a US consumer network of 9 million shoppers, Klarna offers consumers convenience, flexibility and control. The Klarna app, which customers can use to shop in any online shop, offers a first-class experience and sees more than 12 million active users worldwide per month.

In addition to the integration of the Klarna Pay option in 4 on, Macy & # 39; s Inc. becomes an investor in Klarna.

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