Lumios Marker Font Household for Entry All Areas Members

Access All Areas members can download a versatile font this week, provided by Elena Genova of MyCreativeLand. The Lumios family of markers has been carefully handcrafted with a Pilot Sign Pen for ultimate realism. It has both advanced Latin and basic Cyrillic support, which is complemented by tons of ligatures and alternatives. With 1,300+ glyphs, this is the font of choice to add handwriting effects to your artwork.

My creative country

Elena Genova is the type designer and handwriting artist behind My Creative Land, a boutique foundry where you can find a range of expertly designed fonts. Many of My Creative Land's fonts specialize in handwritten and modern calligraphy, and have a beautiful handwriting style derived from different types of pens and brushes that give the font its own personality and character.

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Lumios marker family

Lumios Marker is a handwritten font that has been carefully traced to achieve perfectly clean edges. It's packed with OpenType features that create a variety of ligatures, style alternatives, and accented characters that give your digital type the realism of handwriting. In addition to the main Lumios Marker font, a complementary Design Elements font can be used to add cute doodles and illustrations to further decorate your type.

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