L’Occitane en Provence donates hygiene provides to Clear the World

L & # 39; Occitane en Provence donates hygiene products to Clean the World

L’Occitane en Provence donates 186,400 individual hygiene products to Clean the World Foundation

Clean the World Foundation, a leading global provider of health, sanitation and hygiene measures (WASH) and global sustainability, received a substantial donation of almost 200,000 hygiene products from L’Occitane en Provence, a global manufacturer and distributor of products for natural beauty and wellbeing.

The donation included urgently needed hygiene items, including 74,000 (50 ml) bottles of shampoo, 40,000 (50 ml) bottles of conditioner, 12,000 (50 ml) bottles of shower gel, 33,000 (50 ml) bottles of body lotion and 27,400 (50 g + 75 g) bars of soap .

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clean the World processed nearly 1.5 million bars of soap that are delivered to cities in the United States. Shipments were sent to New York, Washington, Louisiana, Missouri, and Florida this week.

The donated 27,400 bars of soap will deliver Clean the World's recycled soap production, and the thousands of donated toiletries will be included in hygiene kits that will be immediately distributed to animal shelters across the country.

Hygiene articles are not subsidized by the federal government. With over 500,000 homeless and thousands in need of government support, there is a large population with no access to soap in the midst of the spreading corona virus. Toiletries are one of the most frequently requested products in emergency shelters, where there is a higher risk of hygienic diseases. Clean the World works around the clock to provide the vulnerable people who need them with important hygiene requirements.

“It is inspiring to see that companies like L’Occitane en Provence react so generously in such a critical time of need. Unfortunately, not all people have direct access to hygiene products. It is Clean the World's mission to provide these populations with life-saving soap and other hygiene products, ”said Sam Stephens, Executive Director of the Clean the World Foundation.

"We are very grateful for L’Occitane’s support and look forward to improving our response to the people who are increasingly at risk as the number of COVID 19 cases continues to increase."

“Our hearts go out to everyone who is suffering from and affected by this pandemic. In this climate, it is important to support our community. At L’Occitane en Provence, we believe in tireless optimism and strive to find ways to make a difference, ”said Ashley Arbuckle, vice president of brand marketing and wholesale at L’Occitane en Provence. "We are happy to support you in this time of need by donating important hygiene products to help in this difficult time."

For more information on how you can support the Clean the World Foundation's relief efforts, visit their website.