LG reveals the final word 325-inch TV

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LG unveiled specifications on its newest piece of art. For a stir in the world of TV lovers. This new 325-inch TV is one of the largest TVs to hit the market. The size of this TV will fill an entire wall in your home. Judging from the pictures the Korean company released, you will likely need a new mansion to fit in.

This epic cinema display features a razor-sharp 8K panel that uses millions of direct view LEDs to show your nightly dose of Netflix, Prime or Disney +. Not only do you need a very large house, but you also need a lot of cash in the bank, with some reports suggesting it will cost a staggering $ 1.7 million to have one yourself.

That’s around £ 1.25 million and makes LG’s rollable TV look like an absolute bargain for £ 100,000 that folds up when you’re done with it.

In the past, these giant TVs were only available to commercial customers, but that has changed as LG now assumes that anyone with enough money can buy one. Along with the need for some pretty big walls, a lot of money and a new villa. To install it, you may also have to hire a team of construction workers to install it as the giant screen weighs over 900 kg.

If £ 1.25 million on TV is a little too much for the credit card, fear not. While LG wants to appeal to big bucks and push the boundaries for the home theater fanatics, they are sure to have a variety of less pocket-burning TVs for us ordinary people as well. Unfortunately, not everyone is designed for a screen size of 325 inches.