KVD Vegan Magnificence Launches CAT EYES FOR ALL For Tenth Birthday

KVD Vegan Beauty is launching CAT EYES FOR ALL on its tenth birthday

KVD Vegan Beauty celebrates CAT EYES FOR ALL with a new global campaign with all age groups, eye shapes and Instagram-famous cats

KVD Vegan beauty is the first beauty brand to showcase an Instagram-famous cat as one of their global campaign faces for the CAT EYES FOR ALL campaign, which will launch in March this year in honor of Tattoo Liner's tenth birthday in 2020. @CobytheCat, known online for its natural "winged eyeliner" memes, is one of five new models for the brand.

The campaign features the award-winning waterproof, smudge-proof and high-precision liquid eyeliner from KVD Vegan Beauty, the tattoo liner that is loved by millions in Trooper Black and Mad Max Brown, and the voluminous Go Big or Go Home mascara. These legendary vegan and powerful products offer the perfect cat's eye for everyone, every time, on every lid, for all ages.

In addition to Coby the Cat, the brand presents a unique mix of models, including KVD Vegan Beauty International makeup artist, Fanny bricklayer (@fannymaurer), by Paris, France. Fanny was the main makeup artist for the campaign as well as a model. Fanny is the second face behind the brand in a KVD vegan beauty campaign and adheres to the brand's new strategy for 2020 to present “one of its own”.

Other models are Chloé Nguyen and Carmen Lee Solomons, (both wear tattoo liners in Mad Max Braun) and a senior model in Trooper Black, which proves that age is certainly just a number. Together, the diverse, beautiful, evil models prove that tattoo liners are unstoppable in all age groups, eye shapes and ethnic groups.

“We couldn't be more excited to start spring 2020 with a campaign to launch our brand's first vegan product and our SKU # 1 – Tattoo Liner, a world-award-winning liquid eyeliner – which turns ten this year. Our product is there for everyone and has survived the toughest challenges – even car accidents! We'll have many more surprises over the next four months of this campaign.

We're going to announce a partnership with a prominent makeup artist (known for creating one of the most famous cat eyes in the world), a cause marketing and limited edition product, lots of new faces and advocates, social stunts and new, cool ways to get free tattoo liner patterns to get your hands on This campaign is one of my absolute favorites and really represents who and what KVD Vegan Beauty is all about in 2020. We love beauty-positive rebels, our furry friends, and believe in Cat Eyes for All! " explained Kelly Coller, KVD Vegan Beauty VP for global marketing and PR.